Atmos is a trusted brand that offers high-quality vapes for oil, dry herb, and wax. You will find pens that are dedicated to one of the three, or pens that are hybrid use. Some models can handle all three! If you are interested in a reliable vape pen that is easy to use, then the Atmos brand definitely deserves your consideration. Take a look at our Atmos products below!

How to Choose an Atmos Vape?

Atmos covers the gamut of vaporizers, offering choices for liquid, dry herb, and concentrate vaping. Choosing which one you want is simply a matter of which product fits you best! Do you want to smoke a specific product? Do you need something small and discrete? Maybe something powerful and full-featured? Answering these questions will help you shop for the perfect Atmos device!

Types of Atmos Vaporizers

As we have mentioned, there are all different kinds of Atmos products from which to choose. We have selected some of their most popular products for your perusal. Take a look below and see if any Atmos products catch your eye!

Atmos Kiln

The Kiln is a powerful, straight-forward concentrate vaping device. It uses a 950mAh battery to power the all-ceramic heating chamber to give you clean, delicious tasting vape! The Kiln heating attachment can be used on a variety of batteries, should you already have one that you love.

Atmos Vicod 5G

The Vicod 5G is a hybrid vape that is perfect for concentrates and dry herbs. It supports precision heating options between 300F-435F and makes use of a ceramic heating chamber to deliver great-tasting vapor. The built-in 2200mAh battery is perfect for all-day vaping and can easily accommodate extended dry herb or wax vaping.

Atmos RX Vape

If you are having trouble deciding what to vape, consider the RX Vape! It is a three-in-one device, coming with everything you need to be able to vape liquids, dry herb, or concentrates. It is small and discrete, making it very easily portable. If you want a versatile product that can vape anything that comes your way, consider the RX Vape!

Atmos R2 Vape

The R2 offers an easily portable option for vaping concentrates on the go. It is powered by a 900mAh battery and is specifically designed to deliver cool, smooth flavors from your favorite waxes and oils. Plus, it can also be used with dry herbs, making this a great little 2-in-1 device!

Atmos Micro Pal

The first box mod on our list, the Micro Pal is a compact, powerful option for those looking to vape liquids or concentrates. The battery is designed with 510 threading, making it compatible with a wide variety of different pre-filled cartridges and attachments. The quartz heating chamber will consistently deliver clean-tasting vapor, and the 400mAh battery is great for all-day personal vaping.

Atmos Greedy M2 Vape

The Greedy M2 is a monster of a vaporizer, making quick work of your favorite dry herbs and concentrates. Built with duel titanium or quartz heating rods, you have options in exactly how your vapor tastes when produced. The Greedy M2 is built for ease, including the easy to adjust airflow or the heating chamber that is quick and easy to refill. The Greedy M2 attachment is compatible with a wide variety of different box mods and will support a variety of different heating options, depending on the specific battery you use.

What are Atmos Vaporizers?

Atmos vapes are reliable, high-quality vaporizers that service liquid, dry herb, and concentrate users. Their focus is build-quality and the longevity of their product, so expect consistent quality across the board for Atmos products. Their unique designs have established them as a highly reputable brand in the vaping market.

Why Buy Atmos Vaporizers?

When you buy Atmos, you are buying quality. Be it quality in the parts, the power, or the experience, Atmos consistently builds loyal customers with simple devices that produce great tasting vapor. They are consistently reviewed as one of the best manufacturers in vaping, and since so many of their products are hybrids, you can try vaping several different products in a single vaporizer.