Glass Sherlock Pipes

You do not have to be a detective to find some great glass Sherlock pipes! You can find a great selection of glass Sherlock pipes right here! And here’s a clue, any pipe you buy from our online vape shop and all orders, no minimum, comes with free and fast U.S. shipping!

How to Choose the Best Glass Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes span the gamut of styles and designs. You can come across some that have a deep bowl but basic stem, while others have an exceptional deep bowl with an elaborate and curved stem. Consider the following factors when trying to decide which glass Sherlock pipe is right for you

Sherlock Pipe Bowl Size

Though Sherlock Pipes are already known for their large, deep bowls, you can still find a variety of sizes within the style. Deciding if you want a large bowl or a really large bowl can help you narrow down some options.

Sherlock Pipe Stem Size

Sherlocks are known for their unique, wafting stem. However, not all Sherlock pipes have that specific style, while others commit to that style in a big way. Deciding if you would like a more basic style with a straight stem or a more elaborate, ornate stem can help you pick out your ideal glass Sherlock pipe.

Sherlock Pipe Features

Sherlock pipes can have a lot of different features. This includes built-in filters to help make sure you are not inhaling dry herb particles or having built-in ash catchers. Wanting some premium add-ons to your Sherlock pipe can help make the decision-making process that much easier!

What is a Glass Sherlock Pipes?

Glass Sherlock pipes are glass pipes that offer a unique bowl and stem in their design. Named after the style of pipe famously used by the detective Sherlock Holmes, the pipe has a large, deep bowl. This makes it ideal for taking large hits to get your lungs full of your favorite dry herb. They also frequently feature long, wavy stems. These stems can hold your hit while you wait for it to cool, or if long enough, can actively help cool the hit as it travels to the mouthpiece.

Glass Sherlock pipes also come in all different kinds of designs or visible styles, making finding one that fits your fashion pretty easy. Overall, these pipes are great for beginners as they are easy to use, easy to pack, and easy to clean as well. Of course, it does not hurt that they also look great too!

Types of Glass Sherlock Pipes

Glass Sherlock pipes will generally vary between the kinds of glass they are made out of, as well as the specifics of their bowl or stem. Take a look at the different options available to you!

Color Changing Glass

It is not uncommon to find Sherlock pipes made from color changing glass. This means that, when heating and used, the glass will change color as its temperature increases. It will also return to its original color once the pipe has been given a chance to cool.

Upright Sherlock Pipes

An upright Sherlock pipe is simply a pipe that has the ability to stand upright when not being held. They have little knobs at the bottom of the bowl that act as stoppers that let them stand up all by themselves. Since Sherlock pipes will usually spilled if left alone, so an upright pipe makes using one quite convenient. This is a great feature for those that may pack their pipe but not plan on immediately smoking all of it in one quick smoke session.

Specialty Sherlock Pipes

A specialty Sherlock pipe can have a number of things. It can have some extra built-in features like a filter to help your hits be smooth as possible. They can be a custom design or a one of a kind design. It really can be any other added function that is not usually present on a Sherlock pipe.

Why Buy a Glass Sherlock Pipe?

Both the material and the design of a glass Sherlock pipe offers some great benefits to those looking to make a change in their normal dry herb smoking routine.

Easy to Handle

The shape and size of most Sherlock pipes make them ideal to be handled. They are large enough that it is easy to get a good grip on them, and their design is one that is meant for frequent holding. Especially since classic Sherlock pipes usually can not be put down without spilling the bowl.

Smoke Taste

The glass material of a glass Sherlock pipe will deliver the crips, pure flavor that you have grown to expect from a glass pipe. Glass will not absorb any of the material being smoked, resulting in a great flavor that is sometimes absent in other materials.

Cleaning Ease

Sherlock pipes are really easy to clean, due to both their material and their design. Glass only requires soaking with possible occasional scrubbing, and the wide stem of a Sherlock pipe makes it easy to clean in every spot that comes into contact with the dry herb or its vapor.

Sherlock Pipe Bowl

The bowl is both easy to pack and usually holds quite a bit of dry herbs, making it a great choice for those that want to have a long, leisurely smoke session without having to make frequent stops. The deep bowl also allows for long, deep hits to be made, making it easy to enjoy a relaxing smoke session with the pipe.