Glass Gandalf Pipe

For the smoker who wants something a bit more whimsical, glass Gandalf pipes will fit the bill nicely. Their long stems and beautiful appearance make them an exquisite addition to any pipe collection. And of course, any Gandalf Glass pipes you order here will come with always free U.S. shipping!

How to Choose the Best Glass Gandalf Pipe

Though Gandalf glass pipes will have the same general style, there are some important differences that can be found between them that you will want to consider before purchasing:

Type of Glass

Gandalf pipes come in a variety of glass. It is not uncommon to find them in chameleon glass that changes color with heat, glass that is black light reactive, or just the general style or color you want your Gandalf pipe to come in.

Size of the Bowl

The size of a bowl on a Gandalf pipe can vary greatly, so you will want to take care when choosing. Are you ok with frequently repacking your bowl over long smoking sessions, or would you prefer having a large bowl that can hold a lot more dry herb? Bowl size may rule out several kinds of Gandalf glass pipes, considering which way you are leaning.

Length of Stem

The stem length of Gandalf pipes can also vary greatly. They can be long and slender, giving smoke plenty of time to cool for a pleasant hit, or they can be shorter, requiring less lung power to get the hit all the way to your lungs. Depending on the kind of smoker you are or the experience you want to have will help determine the kind of Gandalf glass pipe you are looking for.

What is a Glass Gandalf Pipe?

Gandalf pipes are hand pipes that usually feature smaller bowl and long, elegant stems. Their namesake is from Gandalf’s pipe from Lord of the Rings, and they have become quite popular. Their designs are often striking and great care is taken into crafting these amazing pieces of art. If you are looking to invest in something that is beautiful and eye-catching, a Gandalf pipe is a perfect choice.

However, if you are a first-time glass pipe user or first-time dry-herb smoker, you may want to buy a different style of glass pipe than a Gandalf glass pipe. Their long stems may look amazing, but they pose some challenges to novice users. For starters, the long stem makes the pipe as a whole far more fragile. For the price that many Gandalf pipes run, you do not want to find yourself quickly breaking it due to inexperience.

If you are dead set on having a Gandalf glass pipe be your first, consider one with a shorter stem and a larger bowl. A large bowl makes the pipe as a whole easier to handle, and a short stem helps mitigate some of the aforementioned drawbacks.

Cleaning a Glass Gandalf Pipe

Cleaning a Gandalf glass pipe can pose a similar challenge. Their long stems can prove difficult to clean and will almost certainly require long soaks. While this is not a huge issue, if you are the kind of smoker that likes to scrub and keep their pipe spotless, a Gandalf pipe may prove a challenge.

Types of Glass Gandalf Pipes

Though all of these styles will follow the general rule of a small bowl and long stem, you can still find some variety within pipes categorized as Gandalf glass pipes.

Traditional Glass Gandalf Pipes

A traditional Gandalf pipe is going to follow the general description of what has already been talked about. A small bowl, sometimes deep bowl with a long, then stem. Though this section is talking about glass, it is not uncommon to find traditional styles in other materials, including wood.

Specialty Glass Gandalf Pipes

As with other glass pipes, Gandalf pipes can also be found with specialty designs. These can be as simple as having a wizard face on the bowl of the pipe, to as complex as having the entire pipe being custom made to your liking. It is not hard to find specialty Gandalf pipes if you are looking for something that deviates from the norm in this category.

Glass Bubbler Gandalf Pipes

Yes, you can even find Gandalf Bubbler pipes! The compartment for water is connected to the bottom of the bowl, and the vapor path goes through that water before entering the long stem. Since the long stem already provides a pretty smooth, cool experience with your hits anyway, adding a bubbler to the mix only further improves upon this experience.

Why Buy a Glass Gandalf Pipe?

Gandalf pipes are really cool glass pipes, especially if you are used to seeing the more traditional glass pipes, which tend to be smaller and more discreet. There are a lot of great reasons to buy a Gandalf pipe!


The long stem of the Gandalf pipe gives smoke more time to cool, resulting in smoother, more flavorful hits. You will not find a pipe with a longer vapor trail, as their stems can be up to 20 in long!

Glass Options

Gandalf glass pipes come in a huge variety of glass choices. Chameleon glass is a popular choice that changes color with temperature. For those that are wary about breaking the pipe, they can be purchased in specialty glass that is meant to make the pipe long-lasting. You can even find blacklight reactive glass and more!


Glass Gandalf Pipes are some of the most unique smoking pipes that you will be able to find. They are elegant looking, all the while providing some amazing flavor experiences.