Vape Skins

Vape Skins are decal stickers that you can wrap around your vape pen. They can come in all kinds of shapes and designs. Our favorite vape skin is the glow in the dark color for our micro vape pens. Have a look at our vape skins and see which one you'd like to buy for your vaporizer. Free Shipping is included too.

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How to Choose a Vape Skin?

There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself when trying to decide on what vape skin to get. Do you simply want to alter the appearance of your vaporizer? Are you trying to protect the body of your device? Do you want a skin with a bit more use than looks (maybe something like glow in the dark?) Asking yourself what you want out of a vape skin will help you decide what vape skin to eventually purchase.

Types of Vape Skins

There are several different types of vape skins for several different types of vaporizers available on the market. Take a look at some of the most common you will run across while shopping and see if any seem particularly interesting to you!

Glow in the Dark Vape Skin

One of the most practical vape skins you can find is the Glow in the Dark Vape Skin. It is great to have if you like to vape in the dark, or if you like to vape on the go. Your vape pen glowing could mean the difference between easily finding it or having to buy something new! This skin is compatible with most “micro” styled vape pens, but if you are unsure about yours, reach out to us! We will double-check that it is a good fit before you purchase.

Vape Pod Battery Vape Skins

Pod Battery Vape Skins are compatible with nearly any kind of pod styled vape. They are available in a huge variety of designs and styles, so if you are looking to give your pod vape a look that makes it stand out from other devices, a vape skin is going to be an inexpensive and great choice!

Box Mod Vape Skins

Box mod vape batteries usually have a large surface area, making them ideal for showing off custom vape skins! You can create skins that have your preferred pictures or words on them, making truly one of a kind designs! If you have been thinking that your box mod has been looking a bit dull lately, then spice it up with a vape skin!

Tube Mod Vape Skins

Tube mods are great for vape skins! They usually have a uniform, plain surface which makes them ideal for applying skins and showing of unique, fun looking designs. And since tube mods already have a simple layout, the vape skins are easily applied.

What are Vape Skins?

Vape skins are decals that can be permanently applied to your vaping device. They can offer protection, add useful features (like glowing in the dark), or can even be used to simply show off a unique design. Vape skins can regularly be custom ordered, so if you want to show off your own design, picture, or words or phrases, you can have them applied to vape skins!

Why Buy Vape Skins?

Because they are cool! They add a level of personalization that you will not be able to get simply by buying a vaporizer, even if you get a color that you think is uncommon. Vape skins are the only way to guarantee that you are showing off a genuine, one of a kind look. They also offer limited protection for your device and can offer some useful features, too (like glowing in the dark).