Electric Nectar Collectors

The dabbing market is very diverse. Each day more and more designs are making their way onto the market, creating the perfect setup for dab users everywhere. While the price tag can vary, there really is not any specific standards when it comes to choosing an electric nectar collector. However, with the durability, control, and ease of use, it is no surprise hardcore dabbers and newbies alike love this smoking device. To help ensure the very best for our customers, our shop offers a collection of electric nectar collectors and accessories. We are committed to providing the best products for our customers, and each purchase comes with discreet packaging. Plus all domestic purchases have the option for FREE US Shipping.

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How to Choose the Best Electric Nectar Collector?

How to choose the best electric nectar collector is entirely up to personal preferences. While some users favor glass devices, others like the indestructible nature of silicone. No matter your preference, there is one key area to keep in mind when making your decision.

Nectar Collector Tips

When it comes to choosing a nectar collector, one of the most important decisions you need to think about is the tip. In most cases, nectar collector tips are made from quartz, titanium, or glass. Many users tend to prefer the titanium tip over other options because titanium tends to heat up quicker, is lightweight, and provides excellent resistance against corrosion.

Nonetheless, it is also important to understand titanium tips are also easier to overheat. At first glance, overheating may not sound like a big deal, but it can affect your overall dabbing experience in multiple ways. Overheating the tip can cause a change in the flavor of the hit, it can burn your concentrate, and it can even lead to cracking in the joint where the tip connects to the rest of the nectar collector.

What is an Electric Nectar Collector?

One of the newest alternatives to vaping concentrates is with an electric nectar collector. A nectar collector has a straw-like shape and consists of the body, a mouthpiece, and a tip. In most cases, each of these areas are made from glass, quartz, silicone, or titanium.

Like most nectar collectors, electric nectar collectors are hard to categorize. In fact, most shops place them in a category all their own. The reason for this is because although they do have many similarities to different classes of smoking devices, nectar collectors do not meet all of the specifications to fit within other categories. For example, nectar collectors vaporize wax and oil concentrate, but they are not vaporizers. They are a portable device, but electric nectar collectors are not a type of hand pipe or bubbler pipe.

Whereas nectar collectors operate in a similar fashion to vape pens, it is important not to confuse the two. Unlike vape pens and other dab rigs, you do not load a nectar collector with wax. In order to vaporize the oil or wax concentrate, the user simply drags the heating component directly over the top of the concentrate. In fact, many nectar collector users tend to smoke directly out of their silicone dab storage container.

Why Buy an Electric Nectar Collector?

As one of the newest smoking trends, electric nectar collectors are increasing in popularity each day. While the perfect dab setup is determined by the user, there are plenty of benefits to smoking oil and wax concentrates with this device. Three reasons many user choose electric nectar collectors are because they are less messy, self-contained, and provide more control over the size of the hit.

Nectar Collectors Are Less Messy

Many users prefer electric nectar collectors because they help to avoid some of the mess found when using other concentrate smoking devices. Unlike other options, you do not load the concentrate into the nectar collector. Due to this, the messiness users can experience from tooling the product from the silicone storage container into the device is removed.

Electric Nectar Collectors Are Self-Contained

A big perk to using an electric nectar collector is the lack of additional tools. Dab tools, dab nail, and other components are not required. You simply heat the tip, dab into the concentrate, and enjoy.

Concentrate Waste Reduction

One of the biggest reasons many dab users choose to utilize a nectar collector is because of the reduction in concentrate waste. The main reason for this is because the process for smoking with an electric nectar collector allows users to control the exact amount of concentrate to be vaporized. Once the dabber has met the desired size of hit, they stop by simply pulling the heating tip away from the wax or oil concentrate.

Nectar Collectors Provide More Control

Unlike dab rigs or other smoking devices, electric nectar collectors offer the user more control over the hit. The longer you hold the heating tip against the oil or wax concentrate, the larger the hit will be. Nectar collector users have found the easiest way to control the size of the hit is to repeatedly tap the heating tip into the concentrate until enough vapor for the desired hit has been pulled through.