Animal Glass Pipes

Want a glass pipe with a bit of a twist to it? Perhaps you are just an animal lover and like to show it off? Then get an animal glass pipe! You can find animal glass pipes in all different kinds of styles. Plus, any animal pipe you buy here will come with free U.S. shipping with no minimum order.

How to Choose the Best Animal Glass Pipe?

Animal glass pipes are a fun twist on traditional glass pipes, but you should still consider more than just the design to find your ideal glass pipe. When you consider what you want out of the pipe besides the style, you will land on an animal pipe that fits you just right!

Style of Glass Pipe

What kind of pipe are you looking for? Glass pipes come in all different kinds of styles, like chillums, spoons, bubblers, and more. Each of these styles have their own strengths and weaknesses, so consider the kind of functionality you want out of an animal pipe before falling in love with just the design.

Cost of Glass Pipe

As with many unique designs, glass animal pipes are going to have prices all over the place. Deciding how much you are willing to spend will help you decide on the design or style of smoking pipe you want.

Design of Glass Pipe

Of course, just because you should consider more than just the design does not mean you should not consider the design at all! You need to find a pipe that you think looks good! It could be a specific animal, or simply a nature design that you find appealing.

What is an Animal Glass Pipe?

Animal glass pipes are standard styles of glass pipes but their design incorporates animals. They can be added designs onto the pipe, or the animal can be incorporated into the pipe itself (like octopus chillum pipes, for example). However, these unique designs will still fall under the categories of standard glass pipes, for the most part. Chillums, bubblers, spoons, and other designs are readily available in the animal design.

Types of Animal Glass Pipes

The kind of design or the kind of animal incorporated into a pipe will vary depending on availability. However, as a general rule, animal glass pipes can still be classified as a certain style of pipe, giving you insight into the kind of smoking experience they provide.

Glass Chillum Pipes

Chillum pipes are small, glass pipes that are quite common in the glass pipe world. They are packed from the front and have a straight vapor path. Chillums are generally smaller pipes, sometimes small enough to only offer a single draw from the dry herbs packed (hence the name one-hitters you will often see). If you want an animal glass pipe that is discreet and easy to use, our octopus chillum pipes are a great choice.

Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass Spoon pipes are one of the most popular styles of glass pipes you will find, making them easy to pick out amongst glass animal pipes. They have large, open bowls and are relatively large, up to 6 in long, making them easy to pack and handle. Their large base also allows for all kinds of fantastic animals designs, and you will find that spoon pipes have quite ornate animal decorations.

Glass Bubbler Pipe

Glass Bubbler Pipes are a water pipe that use water as a filter. This provides a hit that is both smoother and cooler than what you would otherwise have, making them great choices for those with discerning tastes. Because of their already unique design, having animals further incorporated into their style makes them amazing looking!

Why Buy an Animal Glass Pipe?

Animal glass pipes not only offer benefits of standard glass pipes, but also fresh designs that you would not otherwise see. Consider the following points if you are still considering whether or not to purchase an animal glass pipe:

Large Range of Style

Animal glass pipes are available in a large range of styles. This means that you do not have to sacrifice functionality for the design of your choice. Be it chillums, spoons, bubblers, or even classic bowl designs, it is easy to find a fun design in your preferred style.

Great Flavor

Animal glass pipes are still glass pipes and still have the standard advantages of being one. This includes providing a clean, pure flavor since the glass does not interfere with the flavor. If you want to keep the clean, pure flavor that glass pipes provide but still have an interesting design, glass animal pipes are ideal.

Easy to Clean

Just like a standard glass pipe, animal glass pipes are pretty easy to clean. All you need to do is soak the pipe in your choice of cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse it. It is easy to maintain an animal glass pipe.


Most people are not going to look like they are smoking a swan when they take a hit, so your pipe will stand out! More practically, it will be harder for someone to mistake your pipe for theirs. How often is someone else going to be taking draws from an octopus?

Easy to Travel With

Just like any other glass pipe, animal glass pipes are great to travel with. They pack up easily and discreetly and only need a flame and your dry herbs to start a smoke session wherever you happen to find yourself.


The price of many animal pipes are easily accessible to most consumers, sometimes matching the cost of what would be considered a standard pipe design. If you want something a little more interesting without breaking the bank, animal glass pipes are a fantastic choice!