Atmos Vaporizer Pens and What are the Differences

The Difference Between the Atmos Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Pens

When it comes to the Atmos herbal and wax vaporizers, it can be a bit tough to tell what exactly differentiates the various devices. Their site attempts to position different devices for different uses, such as the Atmos Junior for wax (you can use dry herbs too), and the Atmos RX for dry herbs, etc. But one look at each device should tell you there's no real difference between putting wax in an AtmosRx and dry herbs in an Atmos Junior. So then, what is the real difference? Let me share what I've experienced with you.


Physical size
Ok, ok. I know you know this, but it would look bad if I didn't start out by listing the most obvious difference: size. The most popular of the 3, the Atmos Rx, is pretty much in the middle when it comes to size. It's a thin, pen-shaped vaporizer about 5.5 inches long. The Atmos Jr is a few inches shorter (4 inches) and even easier to carry around, and the R2 is a little bit longer (6.5 inches) and bulkier than the Rx. So ranking them largest to smallest, we get

1. Atmos R2

2. Atmos Rx

3. Atmos Jr.


Chamber size
The size difference is more than just the outer surface, too. The heating chambers of the vape pens rank the same way. The R2 has the largest heating chamber of the 3, with the AtmosRx coming in a bit smaller. The Atmos Junior is smaller by a significant degree. However, when talking about the effective chamber capacity (how much you can load without overwhelming the vape coil), you'll see the size difference between the 3 chambers really doesn't matter. The heating coils are what's most important. More on that later...

 Saber Vape pen Battery Blue

Battery size
Before moving on to the heating coils, let's briefly talk about batteries. Just like before, you can size up the battery capacity in the same rank from earlier. The Atmos R2 battery clocks in a decent 22 minutes of continuous power on a full charge. The Atmos Rx can get about 17 minutes, and the Jr, with its miniature-sized battery, can get almost 10 minutes. Remember, these timeframes are for continuous power, not simply using the device at your leisure. So, if you were to hold the power button down, non-stop, this is how long each battery will last on a full charge. But, because most people just puff a few seconds at a time, the batteries will last you much longer in actual use.


As you can see, battery life is one area that truly sets the R2 and RX apart from the Junior.

 Saber Vape Wax Pen Coil

Vape Coil Power

The final important distinguishing factor is how powerful the vape coil is for each of the chambers. The Atmos Rx and the Jr are evenly matched when it comes to their heating coil performance. This is important to keep in mind because it means that, regardless of their respective chamber size, the two devices handle almost exactly the same amount of herbs. It doesn't matter that the Atmos Rx heating chamber is bigger because it is still limited to packing about 1/3 of the full capacity for effective use. So if you're deciding between the RX and the Junior, it's really a matter of how important size and battery life are to you. That makes deciding between the price difference a bit easier.

The R2 on the other hand boasts a much larger and hotter heating coil than both the other pens. The R2 rips through any herbs you pack inside the chamber without a problem, making it a tad more satisfying than the RX or JR.


So, to sum all that up in a not completely confusing way...

Overall size
R2 - medium / large
RX - medium
Jr - small


Battery life
R2- average / long
RX - average
JR - short


Chamber size
R2 - large
Rx - medium
Jr - small


Effective packing amount
R2 - large
Rx - small
Jr - small


A few more odds and ends

There are a few final differences worth noting as well. The R2 features a much improved power button made of a solid plastic vs the rubber, and sometimes loose, button on the Rx and Jr. Also, the shape of the R2 battery is designed to fit much more comfortably on your hand.

Then there are some things which remain basically the same. The mouthpieces are made of rubber to keep your lips comfortable while vaping, and come with both a ceramic and metal mesh filter to prevent anything from coming through the mouthpiece.

So that's it. Those are the key differences to be aware of when deciding between the Atmos R2, Rx, and Jr models. Hope this helps. As always, you can find these products and more at our website:

Buy the Atmos R2 - $139.95

Buy the Atmos Rx - $99.95

Buy the Atmos Jr - $79.95



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