Glass Water Pipes

Glass water pipes are an easy way to smooth out the hits from your favorite dry herbs. You will find a great assortment here on! Remember, any product you buy here will come with always free U.S. shipping with no minimums, so if you find a glass water pipe you like, grab it!

How to Choose the Best Glass Water Pipe?

Glass water pipes are a great way to experience your favorite dry herbs in a new way. However, much like standard glass pipes, glass water pipes come in a variety of styles and designs, and not all are created equally. Consider the following points to ensure that the glass water pipe you end up with is perfect for you!

Size of Glass Water Pipe

Determining your ideal size of glass water pipe will help you narrow down your choices. Are you planning on smoking with it in a large group of people? Do you need something that is easily traveled with or a little more discreet than a large bong? Answering these questions will help a lot!

Cost of Glass Water Pipe

Glass water pipes can be all kinds of prices. Bubblers are usually smaller and less expensive, bongs are larger and more expensive, and bowls for bongs can comparatively be even more. Picking your budget will help narrow your choices.

Ease of Cleaning

How much of a cleaning process are you ok with enduring? Water pipes need regular cleaning to ensure the best smoking experience, but some can be more difficult to clean. Bubblers are usually a single piece of glass, which means they may need repeated soakings to get clean. Glass Bongs are larger and are often in several pieces, making getting inside to scrub and clean much easier.

What are Glass Water Pipes?

Glass water pipes are glass pipes that use water as a filtering mechanism for what is being smoked. Generally, there is an exposed bowl, and when a smoker takes a draw, the smoke travels through a vapor path that leads it through a bowl of water. The water both cools the hit and removes some of the harshness of the smoke, resulting in a cool, smooth draw that many smokers swear by.

Though there are only a couple of different models of water pipes (bubblers and water bongs will be your most common), they still come in all kinds of colors and designs. Take your time to browse and shop to find a particular glass water pipe that may catch your eye!

Types of Glass Water Pipes

Generally, you are going to find two main kinds of water pipes: bubblers and bongs. Though they both use the same mechanism for smoking (using water as a filter), they vary greatly in exactly how they offer that experience.

Glass Bubbler Pipe

Glass Bubbler Pipes are a small glass water pipe that easily fits in the hand of a smoker. They have a small, exposed bowl used for holding dry herbs, and a small compartment for water. Glass bubblers are generally made out of a single piece of glass, so since they are small, cleaning them can be a challenge. Soaking them will be your best option, and there are many household and retail cleaners that are up for the task.

Glass Bong Pipe

Bongs are much, much larger than bubblers. Though they also use water as a filter, they are usually comprised of at least a couple of parts. Those parts being the bowl for dry herbs, the large compartment for water, and the large stem for the vapor path (though sometimes the water bowl and stem are a single piece). Bongs are ideal for sharing in a group, as they are capable of holding a lot of dry herb. You can also purchase separate bowls for bongs, helping customize your smoking experience more.

Glass Bong Bowls

This is technically a part for a bong that is available, but you will frequently see these listed in glass water pipe sections. If you do not have a full bong, the bowl will not be enough to get you going in a smoking session. However, if you already have a bong set up, a cool bong bowl is great! They can be much larger than the bowl attachment you already have, letting you have longer smoke sessions without having to reload dry herb, or they can just add a bit of style and fashion to your bong set up.

Glass Dab Rigs

Not all dab rigs are water pipes, but some are! A dab rig is a system used to smoke concentrates like waxes. Some dab rigs are set up to use water as a filtration mechanism, helping smooth out some of the intense hits that concentrates can provide. If you smoke waxes and have never used a glass water pipe dab rig, you owe it to yourself to experience the difference in the smoothness and coolness of the flavor.

Glass Nectar Collector

The glass nectar collector is a portable glass water pipe used for dabbing was concentrates. It's made of three parts: The mouthpiece, body (many come with water filtration), and the tip, which can sometimes come in titanium or glass. This glass water pipe device is very portable and much more easy to take around than a glass dab rig, which is also used for dabbing wax concentrates.

Why Buy a Glass Water Pipe?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a glass water pipe, even if you already have a glass pipe you love.

Smooth Hits

Since water is being used as a filtering mechanism, a lot of the harshness of a hit from a normal glass pipe are removed. It is hard to approach the smoothness of a hit you get with a water glass pipe from other glass pipes.

Cool Hits

Similar to the point above, the water also cools the hit down. If you struggle with the heat from other glass pipes, a glass water pipe could be a solution.

Cool Designs

Glass water pipes just look awesome. They can be as simple and basic as you want, or as elaborate and fancy as you would want in a pipe. Regardless of your aesthetic, we are certain you will find a design that you love.