Electric Grinders

Electric Grinders are convenient and easy to use. Some electric grinders will grind your herbs into very fine pieces, while there are others that are used to shake the pollen catcher screen and give you an optimal amount of pollen. Check out our electric grinder options below and see which is more suitable for you.

What is an Electric Grinder?

Electric grinders are a favorite accessory that can grind through any type of herb effortlessly. They can offer speed and convenience that normal grinders cannot. Rather than having to manually twist and grind up dry herbs, electric grinders handle this process for you with the push of a button. Electric grinders feature razor-sharp teeth that minimize build up and provide a finely ground powder from any consistency of dry herb. E-grinders are an affordable option that can grind through any material with ease and at a fraction of the time and effort as manual crank grinders. These specialized grinders feature electronic motors that are strong enough to grind through any consistency of herb at the push of a button. They can be constructed in the form of a standard grinder or also be in the shape of a pole with grinders at the tip that are placed into a cup filled with dry herb and turned on. Electric grinders make for a stylish addition to any collection and are sure to make you the envy of your friends, as well as making each session much more streamlined and enjoyable.

How To Choose an Electric Grinder

Electronic grinders come in many different variations. One of the main factors to keep in mind is the manner in which you would like it to grind up the dry herb. Some models require the herb to be placed into a cup, and the e-grinder is then placed into the cup and switched on to begin grinding the contents of the cup. The ground-up product is left behind in the cup and easily collected. Other models take the shape of more standard grinders and also feature kief catchers, a feature that the cup and grinder setups do not include. These grinders simply require you to load the grinding compartment with dry herb, replace the lid, and turn on. These grinders are great because they grind up herb effortlessly and also provide a very fine powder as well as additional kief over time to use.

Why Buy an Electric Grinder?

Electric grinders help to remove the need to manually grind up herb during every session and can remove tension and pressure from your wrists after repeatedly grinding all the time. They are very fun to use and effective tools that are sure to enhance your sessions and make your powder perfectly ground for even and smooth hits. If you smoke regularly, you have surely noticed the amount of time and effort you consistently waste manually grinding up herbs with your standard grinder. E-grinders dramatically cut this time and effort and give you an even more finely ground powder in a fraction of the time. Adding an e grinder to the collection will make your setup much more sleek and professional, and will allow you to enjoy smoking sessions more by removing unnecessary effort. With a wide array of designs and colors to choose from, adding an e grinder to your setup will undoubtedly improve your sessions and allow you to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from them.