Glass Nectar Collectors

If you are looking for the newest trend for smoking concentrates, then look no further than glass nectar collector. Also known as honey collectors or glass dab straws, this fashionable new dabbing device for smoking oil and wax concentrates is easy to use and provides better convenience and portability than traditional dab rigs. Plus our shop will discreetly ship your glass nectar collector purchase for FREE anywhere within the United States.

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How to Choose the Best Glass Nectar Collector?

Although there are wet and dry glass nectar collectors, the basic design and functionality of a nectar collector are pretty much the same. Therefore, when determining which device is right for you, it really comes down to personal preferences (such as what style or price range is best for you), as well as size and material.

Size of the Glass Nectar Collector

As they sound, large nectar collectors provide the ability for bigger hits and have a larger surface area. However, due to their larger size, they can be more difficult to transport than mini nectar collectors.

Materials of Glass Nectar Collector

While the tip itself can be made from other materials (quartz or titanium ceramic), the nectar collector device is available in two primary materials. These include glass or silicone. Similar to other smoking devices, the exact material chosen will affect the price range. This is due to the exact process used to create the device. For example, silicone has the ability for mass production, while glass options are more customized.

What Is a Glass Nectar Collector?

Glass collectors (also known as wands or honey straws) are the newest portable type of dabbing pipe. They are traditionally cheaper and easier to use than other types of dab rigs. To use a nectar collector, the tip is heated and dipped into (or dragged across) the concentrate. The heated tip than vaporizes the concentrate, sending the vapor up into the stem of the mouthpiece.

Depending upon the specific device, some glass nectar collectors contain a water chamber. This chamber is used to help filter out more toxins from the vapor, and to help cool it down prior to inhalation. Although water is used, nectar collectors are not to be confused with bubblers or other types of water pipes.

The overall design of nectar collectors helps to reduce waste and permits users to control the exact amount you are vaporizing. Once the user has had enough, you merely pull the tip away from the concentrate to stop. Since no concentrate is placed into the device, there is nothing to waste.

Out of the three main types of nectar collectors, glass is the most popular choice among concentrate users. Not only does glass offer the most diverse and aesthetically pleasing designs, but it also provides the best tasting hits (when used correctly). However, like any type of dabbing option, if you overheat the concentrate it will affect the overall flavor of the hit.

What Does a Nectar Collector Consist of?

While glass nectar collectors provide a similar hit as a dab rig, the exact makeup of the devices are not the same. A nectar collector has a fairly simple design and consists of four principal components. These areas include the mouthpiece (generally a glass or silicone straw), a quartz or titanium tip, a glass or silicon dish, and some form of a water chamber.

Why Buy a Glass Nectar Collector?

As the hottest new method of choice, nectar collectors are a great way to enjoy concentrates. This innovative new device has the ability to vaporize concentrates without the classification of vaporizers. In order to make an informed decision, you need to consider the many perks for utilizing this device for smoking your favorite oil and wax concentrates. Three of the most common benefits include portability and convenience, price, and efficiency.

Nectar Collector Convenience and Portability

Nectar collectors are substantially more portable than dab rigs. They come apart and have very few loose pieces, making them easy to store. They are smaller and more lightweight than dab rigs, making nectar collectors easier to move around without the fear of breakage.

Nectar Collector Price

The cost of purchasing a glass nectar collector falls within a large price range. Although there are prices available for any budget, the exact price is dependent upon size, brand, material, and design. Overall, nectar collectors tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain than other devices used for smoking wax and oil concentrates.

Nectar Collector Efficiency

The efficiency of a nectar collector is currently top-notch in dabbing. The process can easily be broken down into 3 simple words. Tip, Dip, and Sip. In order to smoke the concentrate, all you have to do is heat the “tip”, “dip” the nectar collector into the wax or oil concentrate, and “sip” (inhale) the vapor. Plus unlike other smoking devices, nectar collectors will not waste wax concentrate. This is because a dab tool is not required. Once the glass nectar collector is heated up, you can stick the tip directly into your concentrate (this includes your personal silicone dab container).