Silicone Nectar Collectors

Since the induction of silicone nectar collectors, they have slowly increased their popularity among dab users. This convenient and indestructible device provides an easy to use capability any dab user can enjoy. Plus with FREE discreet USPS standard shipping, choosing a silicone nectar collector has never been easier.

How to Choose the Best Silicone Nectar Collector?

Silicone is the newest material used for making nectar collectors. They are much easier to use and offer an indestructible device. Due to their unbreakable nature, it allows dab users to take their nectar collector anywhere they want to go without having to worry about breaking it.

Like any dabbing tool, most of the decision making when choosing a silicone nectar collector comes down to personal preferences. However, this does not mean there are not any other things you need to think about. In fact, there are two key areas you need to keep in mind when choosing the best silicone nectar collector.

Which Nectar Collector Do I Want

Nectar collectors tend to fall into two different classes - wet and dry. Dry nectar collectors do not use water, while wet silicone nectar collectors have a chamber the user fills with water to help filter the vapor. This provides less harsh of a hit for users and helps to cool down the vapor before inhalation from the smoker.

Type of Nectar Collector Heating Tip

The second area to keep in mind is the tip of the nectar collector. Unless you are purchasing a kit, you need to think about what type of material you want to use. In most cases, there are three main tip materials -ceramic, titanium, and quartz. While there are die-hard users for each tip type, many users tend to choose titanium. While titanium can slightly alter the flavor of the concentrate, they take less time to heat up and tend to last much longer than other tip materials.

What is a Silicone Nectar Collector?

Silicone nectar collectors are a type of hand-held device used for smoking oil and wax concentrates. When in use, nectar collectors are smoked in a vertical position (rather than the 90-degree angle used by dab rigs). Each device consists of a mouthpiece (also referred to as the neck), a chamber (or body), and a tip. The mouthpiece is detachable to allow for easy cleanup and storage. The body of the silicone nectar collector is where the percolator is housed. The vapor travels through this section to be filtered and cooled down prior to reaching your mouth for inhalation.

Are There Any Silicone Nectar Collector Tips I Should Know?

Like any smoking device, there are tips and tricks to the dabbing trade. These tips can help with caring or maintenance for your device, provide information on how to improve usage, or they can help to make an overall better smoking experience. Due to the increase in popularity of silicone nectar collectors, new information is constantly coming to light. However, two important things you should always keep in mind include water placement and tip selection.

The Type of Tip You Choose Makes a Difference

Although tips can be purchased in multiple materials, not all are equal. Different tip materials can change the flavor of the hit, provide different durability levels, and can change the amount of time it takes for the tip to heat up. When it comes to nectar collectors, many users tend to prefer a titanium tip. The reason for this is because titanium tips last longer than tips made from quartz or glass.

Water Placement Is Important

Wet nectar collectors have some form of a body chamber for water. When filling the device, users should always keep the water level below the halfway point and just enough to cover the percolator. NEVER fill the water while the neck of the nectar collector is attached. Otherwise, the water can (and will) get trapped inside of the neck.

Always make sure to double-check there is no water trapped within the bottom joint or in the tip of your silicone nectar collector. When the tip is hot, if water drips down it can vaporize. If this occurs, it can (and often will) shatter the lower portion of the body of the nectar collector.

Why Buy a Silicone Nectar Collector?

Silicone nectar collectors are known for their durability, but this is far from the only benefit of smoking from this device. In fact, silicone options provide perks not found in any other form of nectar collector. Among others, these advantages can include cheaper prices, unique hit opportunities, and easier maintenance.

Cheaper Prices

Silicone nectar collectors offer cheaper prices that just cannot be matched by other materials. The secret to why they are cheaper than glass or electric nectar collectors lies in how the device is made. Glass nectar collectors are made individually. Although there are glass producing machines, these cannot be used for making nectar collectors. Due to the intricate nature of the insides of the device, each one is created using a glass blowing technique by a skilled glass-blowing artist.

On the other hand, silicone nectar collectors require very little human effort during the manufacturing process. Once a blueprint of the finished product is created, all that is required is to input the specifications into a computer to make a mold for the device. Then a special machine tool is used to carve the mold to fit the design. Once created, the mold can be sent to the manufacturing plant where machines can mass-produce silicone products.

Offers Unique Hit Opportunities

Unlike silicone or electric nectar collector options, silicone nectar collector users have the option to store it in the freezer when it is not in use. (Always make sure to remove the tip prior to placing the nectar collector in the freezer.) While silicone can get really cold, it does not freeze. Therefore, when the nectar collector is taken out to smoke, the cold components will cool down the vapor. Then by the time the vapor reaches your throat, it will provide a nice and cool hit.

Easier Maintenance

Compared to aglass nectar collector, silicone is much easier to clean. For glass devices, it requires a lengthy process that begins with the user by soaking the nectar collector overnight in a cleaning solution, followed by rinsing the nectar collector with hot water. Once that is complete, users have to remove the reclaim from inside using a combination of heat and alcohol.

To clean a silicone nectar collector, the user simply removes the tip and places the nectar collector overnight in the freezer. Once you take it out, simply crunch it up. This will not only break up the reclaim but allows for quick and easy removal.