Vape Cartridges

Use your favorite vape oils to fill these vape cartridges! It is a great way to save some money on vape oils! These cartridges are compatible with 510 threading, so they will fit on most vape pens, anywhere from small pens to box mods. If you are looking for a way to stick with your favorite vape oils, the vape cartridges are the solution!

How to Choose the Best Vape Cartridge

Vaping has taken the world by storm, and with so many people on the cusp of this healthier alternative to smoking, it is inevitable to find those that prefer one vaping modality over another. While it is typical to encounter some who like them all, others find that they prefer wax over oils, or some who just stick to dry herb vaping. Choosing the best cartridge for your vape will come down to a matter of personal preference. Let us explore the options available:

Choosing The Type of Vape Cartridge

There are three main types of vape cartridges available, which are for dry herbs (usually an all metal or ceramic chamber), wax concentrates (utilizing a dual quartz or ceramic rod to heat up the material), or oil (using a metal rod with a ceramic heating element within). When we talk about combination vapes, we usually refer to their interchangeable cartridges with the same threading (usually 510) which can accommodate these different modalities. We can take a closer look at these one at a time to determine which ones you would prefer.

Vape Cartridge Maintenance

One of the most important and finer aspects of vaping is the regular maintenance of your devices. More than just for aesthetically pleasing purposes, cleaning out your vape is for health and safety reasons. Before disassembling your vape cartridge, you first want to get to know it inside and out to prevent damaging it. It is actually quite easy to clean! For dry herbs, a simple dry brush to remove pieces in the chamber will suffice. For wax and oil cartridges, simply using your dab tool to scrape or gather some build up within the cartridge. And do not forget to clean out all your mouthpieces too! Keeping the mouthpiece clear of debris build up will ensure a clear vapor path so that you can easily pull the vapors through.

Vape Cartridge Materials

The cartridges themselves can vary from one make model of vape to another. Some are detachable, while others (like most dry herb vapes for example) are fixed to the unit which makes them non detachable. Dry herb vape cartridges are usually made of ceramic material or all metal like aluminum or stainless steel. Wax & oil cartridges are almost always detachable and are sometimes made from a combination of glass, ceramic, metals and/or heavy-duty outer plastics. Most high-quality wax and oil vapes will be comprised of a combination of glass & ceramic with a few metal components.

Detachable Vape Cartridges vs Built-in Vape Chambers

The main difference here is that some makes & models of vapes are built with the chamber as a part of the vaporizer. This is usually found on vapes made for dry herbs. The reason behind this is because dry herbs are not as messy or as difficult to clean from the chamber, thus making it possible to have a chamber that never needs to be replaced. Detachable wax & oil cartridges are undoubtedly messy, making them more versatile with interchangeability, though also much more tedious to clean. Delicate components are another factor to consider when choosing the right vape cartridge.

Types of Vape Cartridges

No matter what your personal preference is, you will find exactly what you are looking for when considering what type of vaping modality you wish to pursue. If you are a dry herb enthusiast that likes a naturally full-flavored profile, then a dry herb vape is what you are looking for. If you prefer something with a little more oomph to it, then a wax or oil vape would be right up your alley. Here we can take a closer look at these individually and see what would work best for you.

Dry Herb Vape Cartridges

Utilizing a pancake style coil to heat up your dry herb material, simply place them directly on top of the coil, set your temperature (or press a button), and vape away at the desired level! Other more sophisticated dry herb cartridges are really just non detachable chambers that are made of either ceramic or metal and utilize a heating element that encases the entire chamber which evenly heats up your material to be vaped. One of the most popular dry herb vaping styles, especially for beginners.

Wax Vape Cartridges

Using either a dual quartz or ceramic rod in the middle of the device, wax concentrates can be loaded onto the cartridge using a dab tool. The difference with using either dual quartz or ceramic rods in the heating process is a matter of brand method for heating up your material. Quartz heats up the fastest and is considered an inert component which furthers the appeal of vape cartridges advertising a purity element in their product. Ceramic holds heat the longest which makes it ideal for extended wax vaping sessions.

Oil Vape Cartridges

Utilizing either a wick or wickless system, oil vape cartridges are not intended to vape anything other than oil. With a metal rod comprising the middle portion of the cartridge (which heats up the oil), a ceramic heating element makes up the interior of the rod which creates the desired vaporization temperatures. A lot of people enjoy the vaping aspects of oil because of its perceptive appeal, vaping oil essences and whatnot.

Vape Cartridge Sizes

When we refer to sizing, we are talking about threading. In this case, the most common battery threading for vape cartridges is the 510 threading. This makes it versatile enough to switch out between box mods & other vaping apparatuses compatible with the 510 threading. Not all cartridges can technically fit all devices though due to the designs of the unit coupled with the type of cartridge you have. Nonetheless, you want to make sure you have the right type of vape cartridge threading compatible with your particular model.