Glass Dab Rigs

Glass dab rigs are the most popular methods for smoking concentrates, providing users benefits ranging from durability to artistry. If maintained correctly, a glass dab rig will provide both a clean and tasty hit. In our online shop, we carry glass dab rigs in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Each item shipped offers discreet packaging, and shipping is FREE to anywhere in the United States!

How to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rig

While it may seem like a daunting task, choosing the right glass dab rig does not have to be a harrowing experience. In fact, with the proper game plan, it can be downright exciting. From the amazing artistry to the different styles and customization options, there is plenty to consider when determining the best possible dab rig setup.

Dab Rig Budget

First and foremost, unless you have an endless supply of money you need to begin by determining your budget. This should be completed even before you start your search. Otherwise, you are more likely to overspend or to fall in love with items not within your budget. For beginning dabbers, it is recommended to consider a complete dab rig kit, as it helps users to stay within their budget and avoids issues with missing attachments or required dab tools. In general, to avoid overspending a good rule of thumb to follow is, if you are unable to replace the rig, then you cannot afford to purchase it.

Dab Rig Quality

After you have determined your budget, you need to think about quality. Not all glass is created equal, and your glass choice should be thick and durable. While the artistry in glass is second to none, the thinner the glass pieces, the higher the likelihood something can (and often will) break. So even though the extra-fine features may look appealing on the outside of the rig, over time they can break off.

Dab Rig Customization

The last consideration for purchasing a dab rig is customization, and glass dab rigs provide one of the largest selections for creating the perfect rig setup. Due to the intricate nature allowed with glass, you can specialize in multiple features. This can include (but is not limited to) percolators, colors, glass designs, and other attachments.

While there are options for different price ranges, purchasing specialized attachments (ie dab nails) and features can quickly add up. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind a glass setup is an investment. Once purchased, it provides the user with years of high-quality and potent sessions you just cannot get with other forms of smoking.

What Is a Glass Dab Rig?

Sometimes referred to as oil or wax rigs, glass dab rigs have several similarities in both function and shape to glass bongs. They are designed specifically for dabbing or vaporizing high percentage concentrates. Glass dab rigs are typically considered the best vaporizing method for nearly all types of concentrates because of the specific vaping process. Unlike some dab rigs, glass rigs use some form of a dab nail. The dab nail is torched prior to placing the concentrate onto the nail. This allows for better vaporization and to provide the user with more temperature control of the nail.

Hits from these rigs generally provide longer, more intense effects than their dry herb counterparts. Like bongs, glass dab rigs use water to lower the temperature of the vapor before it is inhaled. This method allows the user to have an easier pull, as well as greater airflow and offers the maximum flavor potential for the concentrate.

Do I Need to Clean a Glass Dab Rig?

When smoking with others, there is nothing more displeasing than being offered a mucky or grimy dab rig. Not only does it lack decorum, but it also ruins the flavor of any dabs smoked from it, and it can even restrict the airflow. Whether it is a costly rig or a gift meant to impress, a dirty glass rig is easy to avoid. To learn more about the specific process for cleaning a glass dab rig, check out our Vaporizer Learning Center.

Why Buy a Glass Dab Rig?

There’s a good reason glass dab rigs are one of the premium methods for dabbing, and it all comes down to the many advantages they offer. One of the most common benefits of these rigs is their extensive selections. Similar to other glass pipes and bongs, glass dab rigs offer an assortment not seen in any other type of dab rig material. In fact, some of the dab rig artistry would not look out of place within a glass showcase or an art museum.

Another big advantage to glass dab rigs is their ability to provide more bang for your buck. Dabs provide a cleaner and less toxic alternative to dry herbs. Just a small amount of concentrate will offer a more intense experience, a smoother flavor, and a less harsh delivery. Due to this, they are also a great option for users who are transitioning from dry herb to a stronger form of smoking. So if you are looking for a setup offering simple upkeep, a lasting and intense experience, more artistic designs, and is easy to use; try adding a glass dab rig today.