Vape Filters and Screens

Vape Filters and Screens are commonly used in dry herb vaporizers. Over time you will need to change out your mouthpiece screens due to the resin build-up. Glass screens separate heating elements to prevent combustion. Check out our bundle options below for different vape filters and screens

How to Choose Vape Filters and Screens

There are many kinds of filters for a many different sized portable vaporizers. We carry metal filter screens that can fit our Titan Vaporizer, Titan 2, and Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vaporizer. We also have metal screen filters for Flowermate Vaporizer devices. If you're in the market for an Atmos Rx or an AGO Vaporizer pen, we have ceramic filters that can go in the silicone mouthpiece. Lastly, if you want to reduce the amount of combustion and create more true vaporization, then you can buy glass screen filters (we have three different sizes). If you own a different brand but similar vaporizer model, visit the product page of one of these vape pen filters and you'll be able to figure out if they are the correct size or not. As long as you know the sizes of the filters and screens you need, then you should have no problem choosing the correct one.

What are Vape Filters and Screens?

Vape Filters and screens are typically located in your vaporizer mouthpiece. The purpose of a vape filter and/or screen is that they prevent the substance from going into your mouth. Most of our metal filter screens are compatible with portable dry herb vaporizers. Over time dry herb resin will build up and you'll need to replace the screen or mouthpiece.

What is a Glass Screen Filter?

A Glass Screen Filter is used in a dry herb heating chamber. Most people who own vape pens such as the Yocan 94F, AtmosRX, AGO Vaporizer, AGO JR Vape Pen, and Yocan Mak 2-in-1, will put a glass screen filter over the coil so that the dry herbs don't make contact with the coil. That way the vape user will taste less combustion and have more vaporization. You can read our blog post about how to use glass filter screens so that you can learn more.

How to Clean Metal Screen Filters

The Best method for cleaning metal screen filters is to first use a cleaning brush to scrub off any residual dry herbs. Then after that you can clean them with rubbing alcohol or boiling hot water. If your metal screen filter is damaged, then it's better to just purchase a 4 pack of screen filters here at our online vape store.