Animal Pipes

Animal pipes are not just functional, but also cute! They come in all different styles of pipes, like silicone swan bubblers to glass octopus chillums. Though they are adorable, they are also built to last with proper cleaning and care. We are certain you will find the perfect, cute little animal pipe that your heart has been yearning for, so take a look below!

What is an Animal Pipe? 

Animal pipes are pretty self-explanatory – they’re pipes that resemble animals. Now, this is a little too simple of a description. Beyond having pipes that are made in the shapes of various animals there are also pipes that incorporate actual animals within them through an amazing process called electroforming. Both styles of animal pipe bring with them unique characteristics that are awesome and really round out any glass collection.

Types of Animal Pipes

As noted above there are two types of animal pipes: pipes shaped like various animals and then electroformed pipes. Both are beautiful in their own right and allow someone a wide degree of creative license when it comes to creating their glass collection.

Animal pipes that are shaped in the form of animals are too cool. There are various kinds to choose from (such as elephants, octopi, even swans) that match the taste of their owners perfectly. These pipes are especially helpful when looking for a nice, affordable pipe to really just add some diversity to their collection. Particularly, if someone is in the neighborhood for something new to chat or laugh about. These pipes are simple, creative, and affordable.

Electroforming is an awesome art form where electricity is used to fuse metal and various things together and create a unique appearance. Add in the electroformed, preserved animal life and what’s created is a masterpiece. First off, the animals are certainly not harmed in the process. Second, there is a beauty in allowing an opportunity for a second life as a piece of art. Third, electroforming is a rare and difficult craft to learn and apply. There is likely not going to be another type of pipe or one very similar. These pipes are created with far more care and material input than the average pipe and the price and quality reflect that fact. These pipes are the crème de la crème when it comes to making a killer collection.

How To Choose an Animal Pipe?

Choosing an animal pipe is not difficult but super individualized and personal. At the end of the day, does someone prefer a swan over an elephant? Is an octopus the only pipe for them? Only that person can really say with any degree of certainty. Moreover, electroformed pipes are certainly not for the faint of heart nor the unambitious creative. The investment is steeper than other types of animal pipes and someone has to truly care about preserving life in art. To some, this can be a dealbreaker while to others it is a liberating centerpiece. Overall, neither category is glaringly better but electroforming certainly is more rare and difficult to produce. There are no right answers but the one that is best for you.

Why Buy an Animal Pipe?

Truthfully, buying an animal pipe is about making a statement. While it can be someone’s first pipe and they would not be penalized for it in terms of quality, performance, or price there is certainly an air of creativity that an animal pipe brings to the table that others don’t. For example, an animal pipe being made into such a unique shape means that there are delicate pieces and that handling should be done with care. Moreover, if someone is purchasing an electroformed animal pipe they are making an investment into a difficult art form and have found themselves a curator of cool stuff. Buying an animal pipe is not just about buying a pipe – it is about someone wanting that particular animal, shape, or work of art. Buying an animal pipe is entirely about that individual.