Metal Herb Grinders

Most Herb Grinders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum metal and come in all sorts of sizes. We carry a wide selection of 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece metal herb grinders. All grinders are shipped in discreet packaging and shipping is always FREE in the US. Check them out below.

How to Choose a Metal Herb Grinder?

The best way to choose a metal herb grinder is to determine what you need the grinder to accomplish. Do you need it to be small and discreet so you can travel with it? Do you want it to handle a large amount of dry herb at once? Do you want a kief catcher, or could you do without? Answering these questions will make choosing a metal herb grinder easy!

Types of Metal Herb Grinders

There are a lot of different metal herb grinders available. Take a look at our selection of common grinders below and see if which grinder looks best to you!

Cool Metal Herb Grinders

If you have already started shopping for a metal herb grinder, you have probably noticed that most have a pretty simple design. Just a small, nondescript cylinder that is ready to grind away. However, many smokers prefer something a bit more eye-catching, and this is where cool metal grinders come in! They are available in all different kinds of fun designs, like grinders that look like mini bottles of beer, grinders that look like pokeballs, or even cool designs like the Death Star Herb Grinder!

2-Piece Grinders

Two-piece grinders are easy-peasy. They open for dry herb to be loaded, and then close and shred dry herb to pieces. They are great for travel, as two-piece grinders are generally much smaller than some of their grinding counterparts.

3-Piece Herb Grinders

What makes these grinders different from two-piece grinders is that three-piece grinders have a compartment to hold dry herb after it has been shredded. They are convenient and great storage containers for any herb you do not smoke.

4-Piece Grinders

Four-piece grinders have the same features as a three-piece grinder save one extra compartment: a kief catcher. The kief catcher lies underneath the storage compartment and, as the name implies, catches and stores kief as it falls through. If you plan on saving and using kief from your dry herb, a grinder with a kief catcher is a must.

What are Metal Herb Grinders?

Metal herb grinders are grinders made with metal components. They come in a variety of models and designs, but all serve the same purpose: grinding your dry herbs. Metal herb grinders can be hand-cranked or electric and are available in lots of cool designs!

Why Buy Metal Herb Grinders?

Metal herb grinders offer the highest quality of material for grinding your dry herbs. Their metal body also makes them durable and long-lasting, which are ideal for those that frequently drop their grinders or have a hard time handling them. Grinders are an absolute must for dry herb smoking, and metal grinders are going to be some of the highest-quality grinders you can find!