Wax Atomizers

Wax Atomizers come in all kinds of sizes and different coil types. Take a look at our wax atomizers and choose between having quartz, ceramic or a wick-based vape coil. All USA orders come with FREE shipping and it's shipped discreetly too.

How to Choose a Wax Atomizer?

Trying to buy a spare or new wax atomizer can be overwhelming, especially for beginners who have no performed a lot of maintenance on their device. The best way to choose a wax atomizer is to try to ask yourself what specific needs you have. Do you want the atomizer made out of ceramic, titanium, or quartz? Does it need to be 510 threaded? Answering these questions (and more) can help shopping for a wax atomizer much easier.

Types of Wax Atomizers

You can find a lot of variation among wax atomizers while shopping. Below are some high-quality choices you can trust (as well as some of the most common choices you will find).

Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer

Yocan is known for producing high-quality vape parts, and the Cerum Wax Atomizer is no exception. Ceramic is the heating element of choice in this atomizer, which flavor-chasers swear is the best material to use to produce the best taste. It is also designed with 510 threading, making it compatible with a wide variety of different vape batteries.

Standard 510 Wax Cartridges

If you are looking for something inexpensive, simple, and easy to use, then standard 510 wax cartridges might be just what you are looking for. They are designed with quartz and are designed to be usable. These are a great option if you are looking for no-frills experience vaping wax, then these will be an excellent choice.

What are Wax Atomizers?

Wax atomizers are the heating element that your vape pen uses to produce vapor from wax. Think of them as the baking chamber of your device. They are commonly made out of quartz or ceramic. Quartz heats up more quickly, but ceramic has a reputation of producing a higher-quality taste (though which has the best taste will be up to your individual preference). Most atomizers are made with 510 threading, though be sure to double-check compatibility before jumping in and making a purchase.

Why Buy Wax Atomizers?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy wax atomizers. One of the most simple is that, eventually, the atomizer you are using will fail. If you do not have a spare, you are looking at an interruption into your vaping that could last days instead of just minutes. It is also an inexpensive way to shake up your vaping game, too, since ceramic and quartz atomizers provide a different flavor experience. If you want to upgrade your device without going all out and buying a new one, simply upgrading the atomizer is an inexpensive way to get a higher-end feel.