Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal smoking pipes are a great, inexpensive way to get a durable smoking pipe that looks great! They have creative, novel designs that will be quite eye-catching. Our lipstick pipe is the best metal smoking pipe we have in our online store. Take a look at our metal smoking pipes below to see which kind will best fit your smoking style!

What is a Metal Smoking Pipe?

A metal smoking pipe is just that – a smoking pipe made of metal. They can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes like other types of pipes even though they are not nearly as popular as a glass pipe. That doesn’t mean that they are bad pipes by any means – they’re often lightweight, durable, indestructible, and not difficult to clean. All in all, metal smoking pipes are actually fairly popular choices when it comes down to picking an easy to maintain, easy to use, and easy to clean option. Most importantly, don’t let the metal part fool you – there is no danger of inhaling any heavy metals or other horror stories that may be out there. This isn’t smoking out of a soda can.

Types of Metal Smoking Pipe

The different types of metal smoking pipes are just as varied as the types of other smoking pipes. Some can come in the form of a Sherlock pipe that look like the famous detective’s favorite smoking device. Others look more like traditional bowls. Others are shaped like little cigarettes or in the form of a chillum-type pipe that allow for an easy packing, smoking, and cleaning (not to mention plenty of discretion). Others are shaped into cool disguises like a lipstick pipe for maximum concealment. There are tons of different varieties that all require a self-examination into personal preference.

Sherlock and regularly-shaped pipes are somewhat self-explanatory. They’re widely available and come in a variety of different sizes (both pipe and bowl). The upside to these pipes is just simply the fact that they’re almost indestructible and have no real flavor issues to speak of if they’re kept clean and maintained. This is a classic, simple choice to make.

Another popular type of metal pipe is the one-hitter/chillum style metal pipes. These are often just thin tubes of metal that allow a smoker to take a hit or two and then put the pipe back in a pocket. Super concealable and discrete, these pipes are rather popular as mobile smoking pieces. Keep in mind these types of metal pipes are not going to be too useful for more than a couple of people to smoke with at a time.

Finally, an awesome option is the lipstick metal smoking pipe. This bad girl is disguised to look like a regular tube of lipstick and comes with a pretty good capacity all things considered. All told, this is an awesome purchase for anyone trying to keep things on the DL.

How To Choose a Metal Smoking Pipe?

Choosing a metal smoking pipe really depends on the personal preferences and purpose of the pipe. As mentioned earlier, if the pipe is only going to be used by one or two people at a time it can be useful to have a one hitter metal pipe. Disguised like a cigarette, it is a great pipe to have on the go. Or, if someone needs a pipe that a few more people can share, then it might be better to go with a more traditional pipe. Keep in mind things like design, shape, capacity, and price when thinking about a metal pipe. Also, think about the fact that metal can get cold and hard to work with during the winter months if living in a place that has really cold weather.

Why Buy a Metal Smoking Pipe?

Buying a metal pipe isn’t necessarily an easy or hard decision to make. It all comes down to what a person’s personal preferences are. For example, if someone is more clumsy they might not want to buy a glass pipe. Or, someone could really just want a sturdy and easy to maintain pipe. For some others, just the look of a metal pipe is more appealing than silicone, glass, or wood. Whatever a person’s reasons for buying a pipe, metal smoking pipes are an excellent addition to any collection.