Silicone Water Pipe

Silicone is fast becoming one of the hottest new materials to make smoking essentials and pieces out of. While glass pieces still remain very popular, silicone, due to its durability and flexibility, is able to compete more effectively than other materials like plastic, wood, or metal ever could. One of the best things is that silicone pieces can be very affordable and user-friendly – a bonus particularly for new and experienced smokers alike. Make sure to check out our collection below. All orders are shipped in the USA for FREE!

How to Choose the Best Silicone Water Pipe?

For starters, remember that all silicone water pipes work fairly well. They are durable, lightweight, and can pack one hell of a punch. That having been said, there are a few considerations that need to be made when thinking about what silicone water pipe will work better for you. At the end of the day, it will all come down to your preferences. However, below are some major things to consider before clicking ‘add to cart'.

Types of Silicone Water Pipes

As mentioned before, there is a TON of diversity in silicone water pipes. You can purchase silicone bongs, silicone dab rigs, even Silicone Martian Bubblers to put a blunt into. Basically, if you want it you can have it in silicone. So, ultimately, the decision as to what to choose is going to come down to the individual. Does someone prefer a bong? Go with that option. Maybe someone really enjoys a blunt but can’t get over the harsh coughing or needs, for medical reasons, a smoother hit? Martian bubbler. Because so many different kinds of pipes and pieces can be made out of silicone there are also a ton of different sizing options available ranging from discrete and small to something larger and more provocative. The list goes on and has plenty of options to match with whatever preferences someone can have.

Silicone Water Pipe Cost

This category is a bit exaggerated using the word ‘cost’. Because, truthfully, silicone water pipes don’t cost a lot at all. Especially when someone weighs in the substantial benefits of getting one (indestructibility, ease of use, lightweight, easy to clean, etc). As far as the actual monetary amount, silicone water pipes trend toward the lower end (especially compared to heady glass pipes or glass water pipes). But, even though these remain largely affordable there are price differences. A person could purchase one of the many silicone products available for close to $15 or choose to purchase a more intricate, larger bong for $40. The differences in quality will certainly be there, however, keep in mind this will also affect the size and strength of the particular silicone water pipe. Make sure to keep these considerations in mind when purchasing a silicone water pipe. While none of the products are objectively bad, you certainly get what you pay for.

What is a Silicone Water Pipe?

A silicone water pipe is one of many different varieties of water pipe that are made out of silicone material. Essentially, imagine all the typical water pipe categories (bongs, bubblers, dab rigs) but instead of glass (or plastic, metal, or wood) they are made out of a versatile, nearly flavorless silicone material. Silicone often is praised for its durability and ease of use and cleaning as well as the ability to compete effectively with glass water pipes on flavor. Usually, one of the biggest reasons people refuse to stop using glass is because of the flavor present when smoking with other materials. While silicone can be said to have a flavor, it is nearly nonexistent when compared to other competitors.

Water pipes in general use water to percolate and infuse smoke and water to make for a more flavorful, smoother, and cooler smoking experience. These are the biggest reasons why they are popular. Glass being the most common water pipe material, it is rather fragile. Hence, why silicone is becoming so popular.

Why Buy A Silicone Water Pipe

Silicone water pipes offer some rather practical reasons for purchasing them. Listed below consider some of the more important ones:


Silicone water pipes are extremely convenient. Besides glass, silicone is one of the easiest materials to clean (unless you count plastic pieces people tend to throw away wastefully). On top of that, they are simple to use. Because of this, many smokers turn to silicone because of the ease and cleanliness they provide over other types of materials.


In the fight between silicone and glass pipes, here silicone gets a clear win over glass water pipes. When factoring in the risks associated with having a glass water pipe, silicone is obviously the cheaper and easier option. Not to mention, this is excluding the cost of replacing the broken glass water pipe. For flavor fanatics, silicone over glass is almost heresy, however, there is absolutely no reason someone not stuck on glass couldn’t find a better option with silicone.


While other materials are also portable, silicone is worry-free. Just make sure to drain the water from the pipe (and maybe clean it out a little so it doesn’t stink) and it’s travel-ready without any modification. This is a huge plus over other materials (particularly glass and wood or even light plastics) that would require significantly more care. Not to mention, some other materials are more difficult to clean and would likely smell terribly throughout the trip reducing discretion considerably.