Glass Steamroller

Looking to get steamrolled in your next smoking session? Glass steamrollers are an excellent choice! We have the best glass steamroller pipes available! Any steamroller pipe you buy here at will always have free U.S. shipping with no minimum purchase required!

How to Choose the Best Glass Steamroller

Glass steamroller pipes usually will not have a lot of differences in terms of function. Instead, there are a few other key characteristics you can look at in helping to narrow down your choices.

Steamroller Pipe Size

How thoroughly steamrolled are you looking to get? Steamroller pipes can be found in several different sizes. The larger the pipe, the more dry herb it will be able to hold. The more dry herb it can hold, the larger the hit you can take, and with steamrollers you are definitely going to feel it. Steamrollers can range from just a few inches to nearly a foot with many options in the middle.

Steamroller Bowl Size

Steamrollers are able to have absolutely massive bowls, so use this as guidance in choosing a steamroller pipe for yourself. Are you looking to have a large bowl to use, or are you not looking to be overwhelmed with the strength of hits it would offer? Take your time to decide to help guide you to the perfect pipe!

Glass Steamroller Pipe Design

Because of the relative simplicity of the glass steamroller, it is not hard to find a large variety of different colorful designs from which to choose. You can have designs built into the glass, accessories added up top, or have a completely clear pipe with no extra color at all.

Glass Steamroller Pipe Carb Holes

Carb holes are holes in the side of glass pipes, like steamrollers, that help you regulate airflow during a hit. This, in turn, means that you are regulating the size of the hit you are taking. Since not all steamroller pipes offer this feature, if you want a bit more control over your smoking experience, look for a model with a carb hole in it.

What is a Glass Steamroller Pipe?

Glass steamroller pipes are a relatively simple model of glass pipe that allows for pretty easy smoking of dry herb. Though how it got its name should also serve as a warning to novice smokers. Steamrollers get their name from both the size and harshness of the hit they provide. Since it is a big, wide-open space between the bowl and the mouthpiece, the smoke as direct access from the bowl to your mouth. This can be extremely overwhelming, leaving many to feel as though they have been steamrolled by the hit.

Glass steamrollers are one of the oldest glass pipe styles currently still in use, with several documented uses through hundreds of years ago (Native Americans used this style of pipe frequently). It is simple, but effective, which is why it still remains a popular choice today. Simple as it may be, however, we still do not recommend this style of pipe for novice smokers.

Types of Glass Steamroller Pipes

Though their design is simple (essentially a tube of glass), you can still find some variations in the designs of glass steamroller pipes.

Large Steamroller Pipes

Glass steamroller pipes can be a large size, at times approaching 10 in or a foot in length. While this does not make large styles the best to travel with, they usually have very large bowls which. This, mixed with the harsh and heavy style of the steamroller, can provide some pretty heavy hits.

Small Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller pipes do not have to be huge. In fact, many are quite small, like a few inches in length. Some are small enough that they are frequently confused with chillum pipes, which have similar designs. If you want something more discreet or easy to travel with, a small steamroller pipe might be your best option.

Hand-Blown Glass Steamroller Pipes

Hand-blown steamroller pipes offer a level of craftsmanship and design that more commercially made pipes may offer. These offer the chance to have a pipe that is unique, beautiful, and potentially one of a kind.

Why Buy a Glass Steamroller Pipe?

Because of their simplistic design, steamroller pipes have some great benefits that many other glass pipes are unable to offer. The points below should illustrate well why steamrollers continue to be a popular choice among veteran smokers:


Glass steamroller pipes are pretty basic, Because of this, it is not hard to find low-priced, affordable steamroller pipes. You can find affordable choices even among the specially designed crowd!

Strong Puffs

If your goal in smoking dry herb is to get the strongest hit possible as quickly as possible, steamrollers are second to none. Their direct bowl to mouthpiece design makes it easy to take huge hits which will regularly be very strong and very harsh.

Cleaning Ease

Steamrollers are among the easiest pipes to clean. They lack any of the small curves or tight spaces that other models of pipes have, making it easy to both soak them and scrub inside areas if needed. If you have been frustrated by how difficult other kinds of glass pipes are to clean, consider a steamroller!

Steamroller Bowl Size

Steamroller pipes can have incredibly large bowls. If you are looking to take some of the largest, strongest hits you have had from a glass pipe, glass steamrollers are an excellent choice. Just smoke with caution, as they are not called steamrollers for nothing!