Ceramic Nails

Ceramic Nails are the best known for flavoring and heat retention. People prefer to use Ceramic over Titanium because the wax will taste better. Ceramic is preferred over Quartz because Ceramic retains heat for a longer period. It boils down to preference. Take a look at our unique designs below.

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Nails

Choosing which ceramic nail to buy boils down to the size of the domeless nail you need and which design is most suitable for you. If you are looking to take big dab hits from time to time, then buying a ceramic nail with a deeper bowl is best for you. If you have multiple dab rigs with different sized downstems, buying an interchangeable ceramic nail is more suitable.

What is a Ceramic Nail?

A ceramic nail is a domeless nail that's used with dab rigs. Ceramic Nails are known to have excellent flavoring when dabbing wax concentrates. Ceramic has higher heat retention than quartz, but less than titanium. They easy to use and maintain. In order for a ceramic nail to work properly, the size of it needs to fit with the downstem of a dab rig.

Why Buy a Ceramic Nail?

If you want to get the most optimal taste from your wax concentrates when using your dab rig, then a ceramic nail is the domeless nail you should buy. Another reason people buy ceramic nails is high heat retention. Many people like quartz because of flavoring, but the heat retention is low. Ceramic nails are a happy medium between titanium nails and quartz nails. At the end of the day, it boils down to preference. Check out all the ceramic nails we have available at Vape Vet Store. If you'd like to learn even more, you may read our comparison articles and reviews in our Vaporizer Learning Center.