E Liquid Tanks

E-Liquid Tanks are used for vaping e juice and oils. They are easy to use and maintain. Below are a variety of different sizes we carry in our online store. We ship in discreet packaging and all USA shipping is FREE.

How to Choose an E-Liquid Tank?

There are a lot of different choices for e-liquid tanks, so the best way to choose is to try and decide what features you want your tank to have before you shop! Are you buying a high-end tank for a box mod battery, or are you looking for something simple and easy for a small vape pen? Can you use 510 threaded tanks, or do you need pods or cartridges specific to your device? Answer those questions and get shopping!

Types of E-Liquid Tanks

There are a lot of different e-liquid tanks to consider. We have taken some of the most common and the most popular and put them in the list below. We bet you will see something that would be perfect for you!

E-Liquid Vape Pods

These are pre-filled, pre-flavored pods that only need to be plugged into a vape to begin working. Most vape pods are designed for use with a specific kind of vaporizer. For example, Juul pods are exclusively for Juul vapes. Though most pods are pre-filled, you can find pods that are refillable, though they are not nearly as common.

E-Liquid Vape Tanks for Box Mod Vapes

E-liquid tanks for box mod vapes are usually the beefier, higher-end tanks that offer huge capacity and lots of features, like easy filling or airflow control. However, they usually have significant power and resistance requirements that most vape pens are unable to meet. However, since box mods focus on offering plenty of power options, they are ideal for handling these kinds of vape tanks

E-Liquid Oil Cartridges

Oil cartridges are going to be one of the most common kinds of e-liquid tanks available. They are often pre-filled for mess-free use but are also designed with 510 threading. That means, unlike most pods, e-liquid oil cartridges can be used on a huge variety of different vape batteries. You can also find oil cartridges that are refillable if you already have an e-juice that you are loyal to.

Oil Vape Tanks for Dry Herb Vapes

Have a dry herb vape but would like to try out e-liquid vaping? Many dry herb tanks support accessories that allow for oil vaping. These include cotton swabs or cloths that only need to be soaked in the e-juice of your choice. Then, they are put into the dry herb vaporizer and the device is able to produce vapor from it! It is a great, easy way to be able to enjoy e-juice vaping without having to buy an all-new vaping device.

What are E-Liquid Tanks?

E-liquid tanks are refillable or refilled tanks that connect to your vape battery. They are designed specifically for e-juices and will not be able to handle dry herb or concentrates. Some tanks are made for specific vaporizers (like most pods), while others are quite universal, like oil cartridges. Box mod vape tanks are also usually 510 threaded but have high power and resistance requirements that most vape pens are unable to satisfy.

Why Buy E-Liquid Tanks?

Why, to vape e-liquid, of course! If you already have a vape battery that you use for dry herbs or concentrates, if they are compatible with 510 threading, it would be easy to switch to an e-liquid tank. That also prevents you from having to buy an all-new device simply to experience a different kind of vaping. It also is not a bad idea to have spare tanks available, as all e-liquid tanks will need replacing at some point.