Oil Cartridges

Oil cartridges can be refilled and reused with your favorite vaping oils! They can handle your favorite e-juices or other thicker oils. The best part is that you will not have to throw away and refill prefilled cartridges! These 510 threaded oil cartridges are compatible with most vape pens, so grab some for your favorite vape oils and start using these cartridges today!

What is an Oil Cartridge?

An oil cartridge is a part of a vaporizer that allows someone to vape oil. Much like a wax cartridge or even a dry herb cartridge, an oil cartridge provides a self-enclosed area where the oil can rest without causing a mess and await vaporization. With an oil cartridge, there is either a wick or a wickless heating system. With a wick, the main object is to soak the wick so that as the chamber heats up it vaporizes off the wick and into the mouthpiece. With a wickless system, there is generally going to be a metal rod that acts as the wick in the middle of the cartridge. Inside the metal rod is a ceramic heating system. This makes the use of oil much cleaner and easier than would otherwise be the case. Oil cartridges can be detachable or nondetachable. Oil cartridges, like other types of cartridges, can either be detachable or stuck to the vaporizer itself. Overall, oil cartridges are pretty easy to get the hang of and don’t require a lot of expertise to begin to use.

Types of Oil Cartridges

As noted earlier, oil cartridges are simple but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some differences between them. Some cartridges come with wicks while others are wickless and incorporate a metal rod and heating element. Others are detachable, some disposable, and some nondetachable from the vaporizer itself. Which system is better is generally based on personal preferences.

Wick cartridges are fairly simple to use and understand. Essentially, the wick itself acts as the conduit between the heating element and the oil. This prevents the oil from burning onto the heating element and maintaining flavor overall. Make sure that the wick is fully soaked before beginning to vaporize. The wick can also burn and create flavor problems. With wickless cartridges, the rod will act as the wick and heat the oil around it as it begins to take on greater temperature. This can be easier for some people because it doesn’t require using a fiber wick which can affect the flavor if not properly handled.

There are also detachable and nondetachable oil cartridges. This simply means that the cartridge is actually a threaded, removable chamber filled with oil or it is permanently attached to the vape. Most newer vapes favor detachable cartridges because they come in a variety of refillable or disposable cartridges that cater to anyone’s tastes. All in all, disposable cartridges can be more convenient to simply toss and avoid a mess refilling but some prefer to reduce their carbon footprint.

How to Choose an Oil Cartridge?

This mostly comes back around to the type of cartridge available and what someone’s personal preferences are. For example, if someone can’t stand the sticky mess of oil they will likely want to make sure that they’ve purchased a disposable cartridge. For the more environmentally conscious the opposite might prove true. It all depends on the people. Moreover, making sure the technical requirements are all met is equally (if not more) important. For starters, make sure the threading is compatible. If the threading for the cartridge and vape don’t match than they will be unable to attach to each other. Another key thing to keep in mind is generally the wattage amounts for the oil and the vape’s output. There is no reason to go around burning the oil and ruining an entire cartridge.

Why Buy an Oil Cartridge?

Oil cartridges are extremely popular for a reason: they are convenient, they’re inexpensive, and they’re extremely easy to get the hang of. If none of those things are appealing then simply stick with whatever is working. However, for more adventurous smokers/intrepid vapers there is nothing better than taking a few good pulls of an oil cartridge and avoiding the smell of dry herb and the cough of wax. All told, oil fulfills a great middle ground and is super convenient to obtain. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences.