How to Choose Dab Containers?

We have a variety of different dab containers available at Vape Vet Store.  All of our dab containers are heat resistant and made of food grade silicone.  Most of our customers use our dab containers for storing shatter or wax.  We have small sized dab containers that can store 2 grams of shatter or crumble.  We also have dab containers where you can store a variety of different wax concentrates, such as the lego shape dab container or the hex split dab container.  If you want something cool looking like the Skull shaped dab container, you can get that and store a half ounce of shatter in there.  If you want to buy dab containers at vape vet store, click on any of these products below and you can read more information about them. 

The Vape Vet Store has the Best Stash Container Range for You!

Stash Containers are very important dab accessories, especially for wax.  If you're always using a wax vape pen, then you'll always need a non-stick silicone wax container to store your concentrates.  We have some of the best stash container options available for you here at The Vape Vet Store.

Stash containers come in all sorts of sizes.  It really depends on how much shatter you generally store at all times and how many different types of concentrates you like to have.  

We have simple silicone stash containers, such as our heart-shaped silicone container, honeybee hex silicone container, and our Skull Silicone storage container.  You can only store one type of shatter in these containers at once.  As soon as you finished using all your wax concentrates, then you can store another type of shatter or crumble in there. What's great is that you can use a dab tool to scoop absolutely every piece so the container is good as new when you finish all your wax.   

If you store more than one type of shatter or crumble at home, then it might make more sense to purchase a stash container like the Lego Shape, Cloud Shape and Large Hex Split Silicone wax container.  You can store 4 different types of wax in the cloud shape silicone wax container, lego shape, and large hex split stash container.  You can definitely store several grams in each compartment of the large hex split container.  For the Cloud Shape and Lego Shape Silicone storage container, you can store a few grams in each compartment.  

If you're not looking for a storage container for your shatter, we have two stash containers, such as the hairbrush or hidden wall safe, where you can store money, jewelry, and dry herbs if need be.  The hidden wall safe can store a lot more than the hairbrush and it's not portable like the hairbrush is.  If you want to know more about the dimensions of our storage containers, you can reach out to us via live chat or send us a message on the contact us page to learn more.