How to Choose Dab Containers

We have a variety of different dab containers available at Vape Vet Store.  They are heat resistant and made of food grade silicone.  Most people are using these dab containers for storing shatter or wax.  We have small dab containers, such as the Honeybee Hex Dab Container, that can easily store 3 grams or more of wax.  We also have dab containers where you can store a variety of different wax concentrates, such as the lego shape dab container or the hex split dab container.  If you want something cool looking like the Skull shaped dab container, you'll be able to store up to half an ounce of shatter in there.  If you want to buy dab containers at vape vet store, click on any of these products below and you can read more information about them.