Bong Accessories

Bong accessories are a great way to make big improvements to your bong smoking experience. You will find bong bowls, ice catchers, cleaning supplies, and several other products that make a great fit for your bong. Not lacking anything? Having extra bong accessories handy is a great way to make sure you never have an interrupted smoking session. Take a look below and see what bong accessories are calling your name!

What is a Bong Accessory?

A bong accessory is really anything that can be added to a stock bong to make it more efficient, tasty, and clean. This can include bong cleaners (manual and chemical) as well as ash catchers, ice catchers, percolators, downstems, and even new bowls. Bongs are renowned for their power and smooth hits but one of their greatest strengths can be the sheer number of accessories and the versatility that they offer. The sheer variety of accessories means that it is a good idea to do some research.

Types of Bong Accessories

As mentioned before, there are quite a few different types of bong accessories. Generally, they all revolve around increasing bong performance in a number of different ways such as making a hit cooler or increasing the amount of percolation that occurs between the smoke and the water. At the end of the day the ‘best’ accessory is going to depend on the needs of the person and what it is they’re trying to add to their bong.

First, remember that new downstems and bowls can be considered added accessories. While stock options are not inherently bad, sometimes they just aren’t a good fit. For example, larger bowls can be found relatively easily online that can increase the amount of herb that can be smoked at once. This might make it more of a party bong in the blink of an eye. New downstems can provide a new look or better percolation if they’re diffused as opposed to the stock version that came with the bong.

Another great accessory to think about is an ice catcher. Ice catchers are great ways to reduce the amount of heat that someone can get off a huge bong rip. Ice catchers sit inside the large tube or funnel where the smoke usually collects. This allows the smoke to run over the ice thus cooling down the hit. All told, it’s a great way to make ripping huge hits easier without sacrificing performance.

Ash catchers are also pretty self-explanatory in that they catch the ash and resin that flows out of the bottom of the bowl. This prevents the water in the bong from getting gunky and nasty and keeps it fresher for longer. In addition, ash catchers can be equipped with honeycomb (or other kinds of) percolators adding an additional element of cooling and percolation for the smoke.

How To Choose a Bong Accessory?

Choosing a bong accessory can be daunting for people who aren’t too sure what it is they want but know they want to add a little razzle dazzle to their stock bong. First off, remember that personal preferences and needs are going to dictate what is most important. So, make sure to narrow that list down a bit. Next, begin to look at the attributes of all the different accessories. Just need a cooler hit? Try an ice catcher. Need more dry herb capacity? Get a bigger bowl piece. Not enough percolation for your tastes? Try an ash catcher or a diffused downstem to get more bang for your buck with each hit. After narrowing down the type it’s pretty important to make sure to look into the different reviews for each brand and style.

Why Buy a Bong Accessory?

There is not really any one answer to this question. Mostly, it’s because someone wants to. Someone needs more power, more smoothness, more herb. It isn’t always because there is something terribly wrong with a stock bong. It’s just because getting a better experience is worth it. At the end of the day, personal preferences will once again dictate the answer.