Silicone Ashtray

Despite being one of the most frequently used items, silicone ashtrays are often the most overlooked device out of all the dabbing, smoking, and vaping repertoire of products. While the exact use can slightly vary, virtually every type of smoker, dabber, and vaper user will require some form of an ashtray. Thus whether you are new to the smoking scene or a hardcore user, you should always make sure to have a quality ashtray handy before each session. Plus, with FREE Standard USPS First Class Shipping on all purchases being delivered within the United States, buying a silicone ashtray has never been easier.

How to Choose the Best Silicone Ashtray?

While ashtrays may not be one of the first things you think of when purchasing your dabbing, smoking, or vaping supplies, it is a key element that will help to boost your overall experience. To determine what will work best for you, it comes down to three fundamental areas - budget, size, and personal preferences.

Ashtray Budget

Whether you are buying all your supplies at once or just a single silicone ashtray, you need to consider your budget. Although most ashtray options stay within a very reasonable price range, buying multiple products at once can add up very quickly. Due to this, you should always determine your exact budget before you begin shopping around for the best products.

Determine the Size You Need

Silicone ashtrays come in multiple sizes and designs. You can choose large options for multiple people, or small options to provide easier portability. To help determine what size ashtray will work best for you, there are three key things you need to keep in mind. These include how many people will use the silicone ashtray, how often will you be required to empty it, and do you plan to keep it in one location or do you require something more portable you can take wherever you go?

Personal Ashtray Preferences

When it comes to silicone ashtrays, not everyone is looking for the same thing. Dry herb users may only be looking for somewhere to store their ashes, while dab users may want additional features like a dab tool holder. Plus with so many ashtray options on the market, there are colors and designs to fit even the pickiest of users.

What is a Silicone Ashtray?

Silicone ashtrays are one of the essential tools needed for every smoker, dabber, and vape user. They come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and some silicone options even offer specific perks or functions (like a dab tool holder).

Although most people associate smoking with cigars or cigarettes, ashtrays have many uses. It can be used to place your joint or blunt when you are finished with a smoking session, to hold the dab tool when you are not using it, to store ashes until you throw them away, or even just as a place to hold dabbing or vaping items to prevent any residue from getting anywhere. No matter how you personally use a silicone ashtray, they are an indispensable part of smoking.

Why Buy a Silicone Ashtray?

Whether you have a designated smoking area or you tend to smoke on the go, ashtrays are a necessity for every smoker. While there are plenty of sizes, materials, and designs to choose from, silicone ashtrays offer unparalleled abilities to other ashtray choices. Some of the key benefits include durability, easy to clean, heat resistance, multipurpose capabilities, and a non-stick nature.

Durability of Ashtray

Silicone is one of the best durability options on the market. It provides unrivaled durability to any other material on the market. Silicone ashtrays can be dropped, twisted, and hit without the fear of breaking your ashtray.

Easy to Clean

Silicone products are much easier to clean than many other ashtray materials. Since they have a heat resistant nature, ashtrays made from high-quality silicone can be washed in multiple ways. While you can clean it by hand with water, many users love the ability to place the silicone ashtray in the dishwasher without having to worry about losing any of the integrity of the ashtray.

Heat Resistant

Ashtrays are generally made from some form of material that will stop the spread of fire. However, different materials offer varying degrees of heat resistance, with silicone second to none. In fact, silicone ashtrays have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures reaching up to temperatures 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Multipurpose Capabilities

Unlike other materials, silicone ashtrays offer useful functions and perks not always found in other ashtray options. For example, you can use silicone ashtrays to hold your concentrate when using a nectar collector. In fact, there are even silicone ashtray designs with built-in spaces for holding dab tools.

Non-stick Nature

Another popular component is the non-stick nature silicone provides. The slick style surface silicone ashtrays provide allows for high potent concentrates to be placed inside without losing any of the sticky wax substance. Therefore, it makes a great option for users looking for a wax dab tray.