Heady Glass Pipes

Heady glass pipes might not sound familiar, depending on how experienced a smoker someone is, but they are pretty simple to understand. Basically, they are glass pipes and function like glass pipes. But take a moment to look around at all the pipes displayed on this page and a theme will begin to emerge – all of these glass pipes are just amazing! In other words, ‘heady’ just means that these pipes are made with precision, care, and a whole lot of creativity and heart that results in some of the most badass pipes around. To find some of the best (and most affordable) options available, check out the vast online selection on the sight. All orders in the US ship FREE too!

How To Choose a Heady Glass Pipe

Starting out, the first consideration is always going to be what personal preferences might influence a decision. Is this pipe going to be more mobile or stationary? What does your budget look like? How intricate does the pipe need to be? All of these things are going to affect the type of pipe that will best meet the necessary qualifications. Moreover, thinking about these things will reduce the odds of a buyer’s remorse later on. Below are some general things to keep in mind when debating a heady glass pipe purchase:

Glass Pipe and Bowl Size

This is an important consideration to make. The general size of the bowl is going to change and affect the overall size of the pipe, sure, but there are other important things to remember. One being that the bowl size will affect how many people can get a hit before repacking. Or, consequently, how often you will have to repack the bowl. Another thing to remembers is conceal-ability and mobility. While heady glass is naturally eye-catching, some are better able to be carried around (and to do so discretely) than some others are. Depending on where and when the glass is going to be used, it may or may not be better to choose a larger or smaller one.

Design Styles

Keep in mind that the main point of heady glass pipes is to ‘shock and awe’ so to speak. These are meant to be high quality, beautiful works of art. As such, there are tons of different design styles available. Someone might prefer something more intricate with electroformed shapes and coloring that is mesmerizing. Others might incorporate beautiful honeycombs into their glass. All of this really depends on the particular pipe someone wants but think about what kinds of designs are going to work best for whatever the smoking pipe will be used for.

Glass Pipe Styles

Heady glass pipes are, by nature, not necessarily uniform except in that they are high quality and works of art. Otherwise, there is no set structure for what the pipe has to look like or how it has to be designed. For example, some pipes will have a ‘normal’ pipe look to them where they are basically just a tube. A beautifully decorated tube, but a tube nonetheless. Others, however, could have a bit more flair to them. For example, there is the ever-popular Sherlock pipe design. Depending on your preferences, one or the other may be preferable to you.

Glass Pipe Cost

The elephant in the room is always money. Especially when it comes to heady glass pipes, the bank can easily be broke. However, keep in mind, setting out a budget makes things easier to avoid overspending and looking at all the different designs doesn’t hurt either. Particularly, you become a better-informed consumer because you know what’s available and at what prices.

What is a Heady Glass Pipe?

As mentioned before, a heady glass pipe is a glass pipe but with the added flair of being beautifully crafted and molded into a work of art. The different processes that a heady glass pipe can undergo to give it its shine and spectacular quality is not something to take lightly. Particularly because it will set even the most experienced smoker back a bit farther than they are accustomed to. While the price is always important, keep in mind the quality and whatever your needs are. Many people like heady glass pipes as centerpieces and appreciate the quality that goes into making one. Often, they serve more than a basic purpose of smoking. Many are collected – just like pieces of art.

Why Buy a Heady Glass Pipe?

For the same reasons that someone would buy any high quality, beautiful item: because it is quality and will last as well as because someone is an avid fan. Glass collections are incomplete without a substantial influence of heady glass. Not to mention, some people prefer to invest their money into something worthwhile than having 2-3 much cheaper, less quality items in their collection. While these other pipes and items have their uses, a heady glass pipe is a statement that you appreciate the finer things in stoner culture. To be clear, there is nothing (generally) wrong with the quality of materials or ability to produce consistent, powerful hits with other non-heady glass products. Someone can find a reliable glass pipe that has some cool designs in it without it having to be called ‘heady’ specifically. The heady label is used to determine that, objectively, this is a product that has been crafted, either by a particular artist or generally, with a substantially higher level of quality, uniqueness, or both to offer something really special to a collector or consumer. There is no right or wrong answer or choice, just a personal preference.