How should I choose which Vape Battery to purchase?

Vape Batteries can definitely be confusing to purchase, especially with the different threading that exists.  The other difficult issue is you may not be sure if the battery goes with your dry herb, oil, or wax atomizer.  For those who have purchased the AGO G5 or Atmos Rx in the past,  DO NOT buy a 510 thread battery.  Our 1100mah 510 thread batterywill only fit with our Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer or an oil cartridge.  If you own atomizers such as the Yocan Cerum or those 510 thread eliquid tanks, then we suggest purchasing a box mod, such as the SteamCloud or Kamry vape mod.  Our Pocket vape battery is not only compatible with our pocket vape coils, but it’s also compatible with the original micro g pen and Atmos Thermo.  So if you own either of those two brands, you can order a pocket vape battery from Vape Vet Store.  If you want to learn more about our vape batteries, please visit our vaporizer learning center or you can click on any of these vape batteries below to read more information about them.    

From Vape Batteries to Vape Pens – We’ve Got it All!

Vape Batteries can be very confusing in terms of knowing which the right battery for you to purchase is.  Below is some basic information about the vape mod batteries so you can understand the purpose of each of them.  

The SteamCloud Mini is one of the hottest selling vaporizer batteries because of its magnetic function and it's super discreet.  This particular oil vaporizer battery can only be used with oil cartridges.  In order for the oil cartridge to work with the battery, you need to screw the magnetic adapter onto the bottom of the cartridge and then just drop it into the SteamCloud Mini battery.  

If you are looking for the best vape battery, then selecting from these two can be a good idea - the Kamry 30 watt box mod and SteamCloud 40 watt vape mod are super versatile. You can use these batteries with any eliquid atomizer, wax atomizer (such as the Yocan Cerum), or dry herb atomizer (such as the Yocan 94F).  When using these box mods, make sure to be careful setting the wattage.  For example, if you use the Yocan Cerum, you can't set the wattage higher than 25 watts.  If you go over that amount, you can burn out your vape coils.  If you're using a dry herb atomizer, such as the 94F, make sure you don't set the wattage higher than 15 watts.  7-12 watts is more than enough for dry herbs.  So be careful.  For eliquid atomizers, there is no maximum.  The higher the wattage, the bigger the vape cloud.  The Kamry Box Mod can only go as high as 30 watts and the SteamCloud can only go 40 watts.  

Our Oil vape pen stylus battery is a 510 threaded battery that is only compatible with oil cartridges. It's a less powerful battery (280mah) than the SteamCloud mini (650mah).  Many people like using the oil vape pen stylus battery because its super easy to use.  All you need to do is screw in your oil cartridge and then start vaping. You don't need to use a button either.  Just start inhaling and it'll work like a charm. If you want to use the stylus on your smartphone, you can do that too.  

The 510 thread 1100mah battery is one powerful vape battery that will last a very long time.  You can use our Yocan 94F atomizer with it or you can use a Yocan Mak atomizer.  For those who use Atmos products, you CAN'T use AtmosRX or Atmos Junior heating chambers.  They are not compatible with this battery.  If you own any ce4 atomizers, this battery is compatible with it.  You can also use an oil cartridge, but we strongly suggest getting the SteamCloud Mini or stylus battery.   

The pocket vape battery is pretty much a vape part for the pocket vape kit.  If you own an original micro g pen or Atmos Thermo, you can use these batteries with the vape coils too.  The battery is 360mah and is very easy to use.  If you already own a wax pen such as the original micro g pen, Atmos Thermo, or our Pocket Vape pen, then get an extra battery so you can keep one charging while using the other.   

Our AGO G5 battery is another replacement vape part battery.  It's only compatible with the AtmosRx or the AGO G5 vape pen.  So if you own one of those vape pens already, then get yourself an extra battery.  Keep in mind this does not fit 510 threaded atomizers.  

The AGO G5 Jr battery only fits Atmos Junior and AGO G5 Jr vape pens.  Do not buy this for an oil cartridge or 510 atomizer because they won't fit.  If you already own one of these vape pens, then get yourself a replacement battery so that you can charge one while vaping the other.   

The 510 thread vape battery looks very similar to our Pocket vape battery, but the only different is the top of the battery.  This battery has a 510 threaded port.  So you can use a micro g pen dry herb atomizer or wax coil with this battery.  Most of our customers use this battery with oil cartridges because it has more battery (360mah) capacity than the stylus battery (280mah).  


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