Atmos Rx Heating Chamber


Keep your Atmos Vaporizer going with replacement heating chambers.  Whether you decide to go with the name brand or the AGO G5 heating chambers, your experience will not differ.  The ceramic heating chambers are designed to last, but sometimes they can get damaged with frequent use or during accidents while cleaning. If the only thing your Atmos Vape needs is a new heating chamber, don't buy an entirely new pen! Save money and buy another heating chamber.

Listing Includes  

  • Atmos Rx Heating Chamber or an AGO G5 Heating Chamber (Atmos Compatible) 

Before Buying a new Atmos Rx, Try Our Repair Tutorial

First, see if the battery connection is the problem. This is actually the most common solution, and it has very little to do with your heating coil

Now, if the above doesn't work, it's time to put the blame on the coil. By no means is this video an exact science or feat of engineering genius... But it does work for many people.

Sometimes all you need to do to restore your heating chamber is adjust the coils.

Check out this Atmos Rx Heating Chamber Repair video and possibly save yourself a few bucks

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use an Atmos Rx or AGO G5 heating chamber?

  1. These heating chambers are very easy to use.  First, screw the heating chamber into the battery.  Turn the battery on and hold down the power button.  If the coil heats up, then you're heating chamber is ready to be used.  
  2. Use your dry herb grinder to grind up the material.  Next, put a pinch or two into the heating chamber.  After that, screw the mouthpiece on the heating chamber. Finally, hold down the power button and after a couple seconds, you may begin vaping.  
  3. If you own glass screens, you can first place 1-3 screens in the heating chamber. Next, put a pinch or two of dry herbs in the chamber.  Then screw the mouthpiece piece on.  Hold down the power button.  After a few seconds, you can begin getting your non-combustion vape hit.  

How do I clean an AtmosRx or AGO G5 heating chamber?

  • Cleaning your heating chamber is pretty easy.  Make sure all the dry herbs have been taken out of the chamber.  Next, use your cleaning brush to scrub off the remaining residual dry herb material.  Afterward, you can use a Q-TIP to clean off the rest.  Make sure to be careful with the vape coil.  The last thing you want to do is break it and have to buy a new one.  

What's the difference between An AtmosRx and an AGO G5 heating chamber?

  • There is no difference between the two heating chambers.  They are both excellent quality and the threading is the same.  The only difference is that one chamber has an Atmos logo on it and the other does not.  If you want to be flashy and show off your AtmosRx, then buy an AtmosRx heating chamber.  If you want to save your money and buy an equally as good heating chamber, get an AGO G5 heating chamber.    


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