Box Mod Vape Kits

Box Mod Vapes are powerful devices built with top quality batteries. They were first popular for vaping ejuice, but recently has become more popular for vaping wax. Box Mods are so powerful, it's like owning an electronic dab rig. All of our box mods are 510 thread. Choose any of them below and we'll ship them to you for FREE in discreet packaging.

How to Choose the Best Box Mod Vape Kit?

Box mod vapes or vape mods first gained popularity amongst e-cigarette users. However, more recently, people have been using these box mod vape kits with wax atomizers, oil atomizers and dry herb atomizers. The versatility of box mod vaporizers make them very popular for users who want an all-in-one vaporizer. Most oil vape pens are just a simple battery that is designed to be used with pre-filled oil cartridge atomizers so they usually can’t be adjusted or modified. However, box mod vaporizers are adaptable to be used with any type of atomizer and often you can adjust the box mod using wattage or temperature settings. This is why a box mod is the best vape battery.

If you’re using mostly dry herbs, waxes or pre-filled oil cartridges, we suggest buying the Kamry 30 watt box mod or the SteamCloud box mod. As you won’t be going over 8-10 watts for dry herbs and pre-filled oil cartridges and no more than 25 watts for waxes and other concentrates, both of these box mods provide more than enough power. If you’re interested in vaping e-liquids, then the Kangertech box mod is a great option. It’s one of the top brands in the e-liquid vaporizer industry and supports up to 50 watts of power.  If you want to learn and understand more about each box mod vape kit, keep reading! Alternatively, you can visit our vaporizer learning center or click on any of the box mod products below to read more about them.

What is a Box Mod Vape?

Box mod vaporizers are customizable vape batteries. All our box mod vapes at Vape Vet Store are 510-threaded. This is the threading used to connect different atomizers and pre-filled cartridges. 510 threading is the industry standard so you can rest assured that you can connect the largest variety of atomizers and pre-filled cartridges. 510-threaded box mods are, by far, the best vape mods. As we mentioned before, box mod vapes can be used with any type of atomizer (dry herb, wax, oil, e-liquid). We’ll get into the specifics about each type of atomizer later on. Box mods are also temperature controlled. The easiest way to control the temperature is by setting the wattage, but some box mods you can set the coil type and control the heat by setting a specific temperature. Keep reading for tips on what settings to use for each type of atomizer.

How is a Box Mod Vape Different from a Standard Vape Battery?

Standard vape batteries, like the ones that are used with pre-filled oil cartridges, don’t typically have any user temperature control settings. Like box mods, they still use 510 threading so atomizers are still interchangeable. But unlike box mods, standard vape batteries don’t work as well for dry herb, wax or e-liquid atomizers. Box mods are much more versatile and also can provide much more power. Alternatively, you can turn down the wattage on box mod batteries to obtain a lower temperature. This can be beneficial for those users looking for thinner, smoother vapor.

What Atomizers Can I Use With A Box Mod Vape?

As we mentioned, any 510-threaded atomizer can be used with a box mod. For dry herbs, we recommend the Yocan 94F Atomizer Kit. This is a combustion vape so it’ll provide more of a smoking experience than vaping. Be sure to purchase the kit with glass screens to get more of a vaping experience from this kit. To vape wax, pick up the Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer. This fully ceramic chamber features dual quartz coils just like our best wax vape pens. To vape e-liquid, e-juice or other oil concentrates, use a refillable atomizer like the Kamry X6 Plus e-liquid atomizer. When you purchase a box mod vape kit with us, you can pre-select an atomizer to come with the kit.

How to Use a Box Mod Vape?

The first step when you use a box mod is to connect an atomizer. Since all our box mod vapes and atomizers use 510-threading, they are all fully compatible. Connect your atomizer of choice and turn on your vape by pressing the power button five times quickly. The digital display will give you a welcome message and should recognize your atomizer. Now, you need to set the wattage or temperature based on the attached atomizer.

How to Use a Dry Herb Atomizer with a Box Mod Vape?

If you have the Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer, set the wattage between 7-8 watts. If you are using glass screens, it will take a bit more time to heat the glass and vaporize your dry herbs. Don’t turn up the wattage just because you took a couple of pulls and didn’t get much vapor. Leave it under 8 watts and keep pulling until you get a nice rip. With dry herbs, you want to vaporize between 375°F and 430°F to achieve a vapor. Combustion starts to occur over 450°F so you can turn it up a bit higher if you want a more traditional smoking experience. Always keep your temperature settings within the recommended range listed on each atomizer.

How to Use a Wax Atomizer with a Box Mod Vape?

You want to heat wax slightly higher than you would dry herbs. We recommend vaping wax between 420°F and 550°F. The Yocan Cerum wax atomizer can support between 15-25 watts and we recommend staying at the lower range. It tends to do a great job vaping most shatter, wax, and other concentrates when you set your box mod to 15 watts.

How to Use an Oil Cartridge with a Box Mod Vape?

Most pre-filled oil cartridges have less powerful atomizers. Setting your vape mod too high could easily burn out these atomizers and leave you with an unusable sealed cartridge. We recommend vaping oil between 340°F and 445°F. This can be obtained if you set your box mod between 6-8 watts and this is within the safe range for most pre-filled oil cartridges. If your vape mod has voltage settings instead, set it between 3.7-4.2V. If you are unsure of what wattage to enter, use an OHM’s law calculator to make sure you are in the safe range. Enter the voltage as 4.2V and set the resistance to the resistance of your atomizer. Most pre-filled cartridges have a resistance between 1.6 - 2.2Ω.

How to Use an E-liquid Atomizer with a Box Mod Vape?

E-liquid and e-juice atomizers will use the most power of any atomizer. The higher you turn the wattage, the thicker vapor you will get so the wattage you set your e-liquid atomizer will range based on your personal preference. Just make sure you are always within the limits of your atomizer. The Kamry X6 Plus E-liquid atomizer supports between 21-35 watts when the coil is at 0.5 ohms. It will support up to 100 watts when the coil is set to 0.1 ohms. For all other e-liquid atomizers, check the limits on the packaging or under the product description on our website. As with any vaporizer, start at a lower setting and slowly work your way up until you achieve an ideal vapor.

How to Clean A Box Mod Vape?

There should never be much need to clean a box mod. But if you do have an accident and spill oil, wax or any other concentrate onto your vape, you can clean the exterior using rubbing alcohol. Standard 70% alcohol will work, but if you can find 90%+, this will be much more effective. If you have a small spill, use a Q-tip dipped in the alcohol and let it dry completely before turning your box mod back on. If you get oil in hard-to-reach spots like the buttons or make a big mess, heavy-duty paper towels dipped in alcohol can be more effective.

How to Fix a Box Mod Vape?

When a box mod isn’t working, the problem is usually with the atomizer. Burning out an atomizer from setting your vape too high is a common problem. If it seems like your box mod isn’t doing anything, attach another atomizer. If it works now, then the previous atomizer either got burned out or is defective. If it’s still not working, there may be an internal problem with your vape. Make sure it is fully charged and recognizing your atomizer. Many box mod vapes will display a message similar to “no atomizer” when switched on if it can’t detect an atomizer. If you are using at atomizer or box mod from somewhere else, make sure both are 510-threaded. If you can’t find this information listed on the product description you should be able to tell when you screw the box mod and atomizer together. If it’s not a perfect fit, they most likely don’t both use 510 threading and will be incompatible. If you have any other issues or still can’t get your box mod to work after trying all of these solutions, don’t hesitate to contact the Vape Vet Store support team.