Bring Home the Finest Vape Mod Box for Sale!

Check out our selection of the Top Box Mod Vape batteries, dry herb and wax atomizers available with us at The Vape Vet Store and see what you have been missing out on. If you're looking to use a box mod with your dry herb or wax atomizer, we suggest purchasing either a Kamry 30 Watt or Steam Cloud A-40.  You can purchase just the box mod or you can order it with a dry herb, eliquid, or wax atomizer attachment.  If you're looking to purchase the best eliquid vaporizer kit, say no more and buy the Kangertech Subox Mini. You can also purchase atomizers separately if you don't like the atomizer we include with our Mod Box for sale.

You can also purchase atomizers separately if you don't like the atomizer we include with our box mod vape kits. 

Box Mod vaporizers can be a confusing vaporizer to understand.  Below are some frequently asked questions. 

How do I use a Box Mod?

  1. Using a Box Mod Vape is very easy once you get the hang of it.  First, press the power button five times consecutively to turn it on/off. 
  2. It depends what type of box mod vape you own to figure out the highest voltage to set it at.  The Kamry vape mod can be set as high as 30 watts.  The SteamCloud can be set as high as 40 watts. The Kangertech Subox mini can be set as high as 50 watts.  
  3. The higher the wattage the more vape clouds you can blow out.  

What atomizers can I use with a Box Mod?

Box mod vaporizers are very versatile.  Most people use eliquid tanks with their box mod, but now many people are using box mods to vape shatter or wax.  We have the Yocan Cerum wax atomizer that is compatible with all of our vape mods.  Lastly, you can use a dry herb atomizer, such as the Yocan 94F with any of our box mod vaporizers.   

What is the ideal voltage setting?

Figuring out which voltage setting to do all depends on the vaporizer user.  For eliquid tanks, there are people that prefer to keep the settings as low as 15-20 watts.  Then there are people who want to set the voltage as high as 50 watts so that they can get big clouds of vapor.  The higher the voltage setting, the bigger the clouds you will get 

For wax atomizers, such as the Yocan Cerum, the suggested voltage should be between 15-25 watts.  If you set it above 25 watts, you will be running the risk of burning out your vape coil, which means you will have to purchase another wax atomizer.  So make sure you're careful.  Also, there is just no need to set the voltage above 25 watts, especially when vaping shatter or wax.  

For Dry Herb atomizers, you don't need to set the voltage too high.  7-12 watts is really more than enough.  If you start setting the voltage higher than 12, you will run the risk of burning out the coil, which means you will need to buy a new dry herb atomizer.  So make sure you're careful with setting your voltage.