Small Smoking Pipes

Small smoking pipes are great for discreet smoking and easy traveling. Their small size makes it easy to tuck away into a small pocket or pouch, and they are hard to notice while smoking. Plus, you can find small pipes in all different kinds of designs, like little spoons, chillums, or bubblers. We are certain that we have the perfect small smoking pipe for you, so take a look at what we have below!

What is a Small Smoking Pipe?

A small smoking pipe, from a physical description standpoint, is self-explanatory. Small smoking pipes are designed to accommodate generally one smoker maybe two. The idea is that the pipe is going to be large enough for one person’s consumption, easy to conceal, have less maintenance, and often is more of a utility piece rather than one that is meant to be a work of art. Keep in mind this is just a general description. There are magnificently beautiful small smoking pipes, however, the general rule is that they are designed with convenience and practical use in mind (as opposed to incorporating crazy shapes or designs). Small smoking pipes are great for beginners starting a collection as well as experts who just need something more practical added to their collection.

Types of Small Smoking Pipes

Small smoking pipes, being such a general group, can come in a variety of flavors. There are one hitters, chillum pipes, small bowls, and more. Overall, these will represent the most common types of small smoking pipes available on the market.

One Hitters are extremely useful and they are designed entirely with the individual user in mind. One hitters are easy to use – simply stick some herb in one end and they’re ready to go. They’re easy to travel with being usually no larger than an individual cigarette. Finally, given their size and simple design (essentially a simple metal or wooden tube) one hitters are some of the easiest pipes to maintain available.

Chillum pipe is technically a step up from the one hitter as they are usually slightly larger. Essentially, take a one hitter and a regular pipe and imagine their child is a chillum pipe. These are often made from glass, as opposed to metal or wood for a one hitter, but that isn’t set in stone. Moreover, chillums are meant to act like one hitters – easy to use, easy to conceal, easy to clean – but for a larger number of people depending on the size of the bowl in the front. Chillum pipes are great options for those that want something bigger and more creative than a one hitter but maintaining that mobility and concealment.

Finally, there are just tiny smoking pipes. These are made from whatever materials any other smoking pipe would be made of and incorporate the same parts – bowl, carb, mouthpiece – but they’re not going to be nearly as large. These pipes are designed to provide the ultimate pipe experience while taking on the advantages of a one hitter or chillum.

How to Choose a Small Smoking Pipe?

This is entirely based on personal preferences and needs. The best choice is going to depend entirely on the individual situation that someone needs the small smoking pipe to fill. It wouldn’t make sense to get a one hitter for a group smoke sesh just as it wouldn’t make sense to get a small smoking pipe for a situation that calls for quickly pulling out, hitting, and clearing a small pipe (a small smoking pipe would still need to be packed and likely not easy to conceal and keep packed full of herb). Basically, the best thing to do is to list out a number of attributes or needs and then begin to apply those to the type of small smoking pipe needed. Remember that small smoking pipes are best for being concealable and mobile rather than packing a lot of amazing features or having huge bowl capacities.

Why Buy a Small Smoking Pipe?

Frankly, a small smoking pipe is often purpose-built and is the only thing that can do the job. Imagine trying to fit that intricate dragon bowl or bubbler into the glove compartment and not worry about it breaking. Or being able to put a steamroller into a pocket and not imagine it falling out without having to awkwardly, and obviously, hold it. Even placing something in a backpack or purse is dangerous. Small smoking pipes fit that niche. Most importantly, small smoking pipes provide an efficient way to take a hit or two all alone without having to overpack or worry about under-packing and pulling through unlit herb. But, at the end of the day, it will all come down to personal preferences or needs and whether or not the small smoking pipe fits what you’re looking for.