Glass Bubbler Pipe

Glass bubbler pipes are an awesome addition to any glass collection. They provide powerful hits, cooler hits than dry glass pipes, and are far more portable than a bong. In essence, they provide the best of all worlds. Not to mention that a glass bubbler pipe will come with all of the diverse options someone would expect when purchasing a quality smoking pipe. Basically, unless someone completely hates the idea of a water pipe a glass bubbler should not be overlooked as an excellent investment in your smoking future.

How To Choose a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

Choosing a glass bubbler pipe is going to mostly rely on personal preferences and necessities for whatever someone wants to use it for. For example, does the bubbler need to be more mobile? Is it going to be used by a lot of people or more of a personal piece? Plain Jane or something that really has some pizazz? All of these are important considerations to make but will ultimately come down to what the specific smoker is looking for.

Glass Bubbler And Bowl Size

The first thing to think about is just how mobile a glass bubbler needs to be to meet whatever specific criteria someone might have. For example, if the bubbler is going to remain on a shelf at home more often than not than it might be a better option to get something bigger or heavier. This way, there is more stability to the bubbler itself or it has to be packed and cleaned less often. Particularly if it is going to be used with a larger group of people, a glass bubbler will need to have a bigger bowl size. Some bubblers are much smaller and lend themselves to being more concealable and easier to take on the go. Not to mention they require less water to be used properly (more important than one might think when on the move).

Unique Features

Bubblers can come with all sorts of awesome attachments, features, or color changing glass. Sometimes bubblers will have interesting attachments like additional percolators available to make them smoother or more powerful. Other times, unique features like specially placed glass features or grips that make it easier to use and hold a bubbler (important when thinking about the bubbler getting wet during the filling process). Or, something universally cool like color-changing glass can give a particular bubbler that extra pop to make it the better purchase – especially without breaking the bank.

What is a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

Aglass bubbler pipe is the perfect combination of a bong and a pipe. The general size of a glass pipe, a glass bubbler is almost as mobile as the equivalently sized pipe. However, they incorporate the best features of a bong – namely, that they include water to percolate and infuse the smoke through before inhalation for a cooler hit. Think of a glass bubbler as the perfect compromise if it’s hard to pick between purchasing a new bong or pipe.

Why Buy a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

Glass bubbler pipes lend themselves to people who really want a smooth hit (or simply can’t handle or prefer a harsher hit) and don’t want something as large as the typical glass bong. Another great reason to consider glass bubbler pipes specifically is the ease of cleaning glass and the great neutral flavor. All in all, if having a bong is too much for someone and a glass pipe not smooth enough than the bubbler is a perfect compromise.

Bubbler Pipe Versatility

As mentioned before, bubblers tend to fit well between a bong and a pipe. Particularly useful is the idea that if no water is added the bubbler will function much like a regular glass pipe. So, should someone decide they don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining or switching water out, then they can use the bubbler like a regular pipe.


Glass has a huge benefit over other types of materials. It’s easy to clean and is able to best keep a neutral flavor as long as it’s maintained and kept free from a huge buildup in resin. While there are other options for bubblers, glass is the most popular style and option for these very reasons. In addition, being made of glass means that there are tons of cool features that can be associated with a bubbler made of glass such as color-changing glass or unique design features (like glass additions or someone adding a particular flair).

Glass Bubbler Pipe Cost

Glass bubblers are not super expensive. In fact, they are often much more affordable than a bong and are not much more than their pipe counterpart. A glass bubbler will be an excellent addition to a glass collection without destroying a budget. If someone wants something more particularly unique there is always the option, however, buying a glass bubbler doesn’t mean spending tons more money.