Vape Coils

How to Choose Vape Coils for your Vape Pen

Vape coils can be very confusing to understand because there are so many different types of coils, threading, and they look very similar to one another.  To make things simple, you need to make sure that you know the name of your vape pen.  Did you buy a Yocan Evolve Plus or a Pocket Vape Pen?  Knowing the name is important so that you can locate it more easily on our website.  If you don’t remember the name of your vape pen, then you need to look more closely at our vape coils and see which one resembles your vape coils the most.  If you never purchased a vaporizer or vape coils from our store, then make sure to check the vape coil that most resembles yours and click on it.  After you go into the listing, you can read which of our vape coils are compatible with other branded vaporizer pens.   If you want to learn and understand more about each of our vape coils, click on any of the vape coils below to read more information about them.