Rolling Trays

Rolling trays have become increasingly popular over the last several years. People typically use them to roll up a joint, spliff, or hand rolled cigarette. There are many different designs and sizes for rolling trays. Take a look at the rolling trays we carry in our online vape store. Shipping is free for all US orders.

How to Choose a Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are available in a variety of materials and features. The best way to choose a rolling tray is to decide which one appeals to you the most. Do you like the feel of wood while working? Do you want a dedicated space to rolling something specific (like a joint rolling aid)? Do you want a certain style or aesthetic? Answering these questions will make it seem like the ideal rolling tray has fallen right into your lap!

Types of Rolling Trays

Here are some of the most common rolling trays you will find while shopping. Take a quick peek and see if anything, in particular, catches your interest!

Wood Rolling Trays

Wood rolling trays offer a premium and natural feel while rolling. Their smooth surfaces make it easy to roll joints or blunts, and their finish makes them look high-quality. You can expect a wooden rolling tray that is properly taken care of to last for years to come.

Rolling Tray Kit

If you are brand new to rolling, rolling tray kits offer a great solution! Not only does it include a rolling tray, but it will come with rolling papers, filters, and anything else you may need to get started (aside from dry herbs, of course). If you feel a bit overwhelmed with getting everything you need to roll, consider a rolling tray kit!

Joint Rolling Trays

These are normal rolling trays except they have a place to hold finished joints when you are completed. If you are trying to roll several at once (either for later smoking or smoking amongst friends), a joint rolling tray offers an easy solution to contain your mess on the tray without getting in the way of your rolling.

Personalized Rolling Trays

Have you always dreamed of rolling a joint on your face? Personalized trays make it possible! They make great novelty gifts for yourself or friends but still function perfectly well as standard rolling trays.

RAW Rolling Trays

RAW is one of the leading brands of rolling papers, so it should come as no surprise that they offer a wide range of premium rolling trays. You can get some that are small and basic, or some that are large and full of cool features (like places that help you roll more easily, joint holders, and more). If you want a rolling tray that is a little more high-end, consider a RAW rolling tray!

What are Rolling Trays?

Rolling trays are trays where you can roll joints or blunts without having to worry about making a mess with your dry herbs. They also offer a flat surface, making rolling much easier. They can be as basic as a flat piece of metal or can offer joint holders, specialty rolling tools, and more. 

Why Buy a Rolling Tray?

If you roll your own joints or blunts, a rolling tray is an absolute must. They keep you from wasting dry herb and they make tight rolling much easier. They can also help keep you organized as you roll, especially if you are rolling more than one joint or blunt at a time. You can get trays that fit perfectly into your style, even if it means personalizing it!