Weighing Scales

Weighing scales make it easy to get the exact amount of dry herb in a joint or blunt. Our weighing scales have all kinds of cool features, including FREE U.S. shipping with NO ORDER MINIMUM required!

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How to Choose a Weighing Scale?

What are you using your weighing scale for? How much do you plan on weighing at a time? Do you want a digital or manual weighing system? Do you want it to have a certain style? Answering these questions and more can make sure that the weighing scale you buy is the perfect scale for you!

Types of Weighing Scales

Below, you will find common kinds of weighing scales available on the market today. Take a look and see which weighing scale will fit best into your lifestyle!

WeighMax Digital Scale

This is a great pocket-scale that will weigh wherever you need to be! It can measure up to 800 grams at a time and can display weights in grams or ounces. This scale is accurate to .01 grams, so if you need portable and accurate, the WeighMax Digital scale might be the answer!

Electronic Hook Digital Scale

This scale brings the old school and new school together, using both manual and digital weighing techniques. It is designed for easy travel (you can easily hold and use it in your hand). It can measure up to 100lbs, which is perfect if you are needing to measure large amounts of dry herb or concentrates at a time.

PC Mouse with Hidden Digital Scale and Stash Compartment

Want something a bit more fun? At first glance, this appears to be an ordinary computer mouse, but looks can be deceiving! Stashed away inside are a fully functional scale and a place to store concentrates or dry herbs. If you plug it into a computer, it actually functions as a normal computer mouse, too!

Cigarette Case Mini Digital Pocket Scale

This is another super discreet scale option. It looks like a pack of cigarettes, but it actually is a great little scale! It can measure up to 200 grams and only takes up the amount of space a pack of cigarettes normally would. If you want something super discreet, easily portable, and fully functioning, this is a great little scale that might do the trick!

What are Weighing Scales?

Weighing scales are household tools used to measure any number of products. However, the scales we have here are ideal for weighing dry herb and concentrates! They can be discreet as you need them to be, and they can either be a personal tool that is handy to have, or it can be a high-end tool used when precision matters most.

Why Buy a Weighing Scale?

If you are trying to get accurate dosing for a smoking regimen, then a scale is the most important tool you can have. Weighing out dry herb or concentrates before using makes it easy to have a system in place for treating a lot of different ailments. It also makes it easy to have uniform joints or blunts if you like to smoke the same amount every day.