Vape Mouthpieces

Portable Vaporizer Mouthpieces are a very common vape part to replace. We have all kinds of dry herb, wax, and e-liquid mouthpieces. If you need a fresh one or you're trying to replace a worn out vaporizer mouthpiece, check out all of our mouthpieces below.

What is a Vape Mouthpiece?

Vape mouthpieces are the portion of the vape that carries the smoke from the coil to your mouth. Mouthpieces usually feature airflow enhancements and passages that improve the quality of the smoke by reducing harshness and ensuring it is not too hot by the time it reaches your mouth and lungs. Mouthpieces can be customized on most vapes, while others are only compatible with the vape they came with. Always refer to your manual to see your options for customization and what type of mouthpieces will fit and work with your vape. Box mods and more overall customizable vapes have many more mouthpiece options than dry herb and pen vaporizers, but it always just depends on the model.

Why Buy a Vape Mouthpiece?

Mouthpieces are always included in your stock vape kit, but can become damaged or clogged over time form the oils or concentrate that you use with it. If the airflow holes become clogged or the connector to your vape breaks, then it may time to look into a new mouthpiece. As mentioned, always refer to your vaporizer’s manual to see what type of mouthpieces are compatible and if you even have the option of using other more specialized mouthpieces.

How to Choose a Vape Mouthpiece

Choosing a vape mouthpiece is very simple, and if your vaporizer has the option of substituting between a variety of mouthpieces, there are endless options for this. Some mouthpieces are longer than others and provide better airflow improvement and cooling of the smoke. The longer the mouthpiece and more holes it features, the more the air will be cooled and filtered for better taste and temperature. When looking for a new mouthpiece, keep in mind the size and features you would like it to feature, and also the colors and style you would like so it adds to the aesthetic of your vaporizer setup. Most vape mouthpieces are not customizable and will simply require a replacement of the mouthpiece it was included with.