Vape Chargers

We have a variety of vape battery chargers available in our online shop.  Some of our chargers fit several different vaporizer devices and some vape pen chargers that only fit one or two vape batteries. Check out our vape chargers below and we'll ship it to you for FREE.   

What is a Vape Charger?

Vape chargers are handy accessories that help you to keep your vape powered and ready to use wherever you go. They are included in most vape kits but there also additional types and styles that you can upgrade to or use as a replacement if yours gets lost.


How To Use a Vape Charger

To use a vape charger, simply plug in the USB port and attach it to the plugin on the vaporizer. Most of these are made in the form of USB chargers.


How To Choose A Vape Charger

Vape chargers all have specific chargers that come with your kit. If you need a replacment, just check to make sure they are made in the same way, most often USB, and you will be set.