Electric Dab Rigs

Electric dab rigs are perfect for experienced and beginner dabbers alike. They take the guesswork out of dabbing by using precision electrical heating instead of a blowtorch. Just the click of a button will get your dabbing experience on its way! We offer the best selection of electric dab nails on the web, and they all come with free U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

What is an Electric Dab Rig?

An electric dab rig (sometimes called an e-nail), is a dab rig that uses battery power to heat the dab nail instead of an open flame like a torch. While it makes use of technology to provide exact heating options, an electric dab rig still operates similarly to a traditional dab rig. Concentrate is still applied to the heated nail via a dabbing, carb caps are still used, and there are still a variety of different dab nails to choose from. The biggest appeal of an electric dab rig is how easy they are to use, and how travel-friendly they are compared to classic dab rigs. Some electric dab rigs can even be used on the go!

How to Choose An Electric Dab Rig

The best way to choose an electric dab rig is to determine which features are most important to you. A variety of choices can make it hard to pin down exactly what your priorities are, so consider the following points when determining which electric dab rig is right for you:

Heating Options

Do you want to be able to control the temperature degree-by-degree, or are a few preset heating options sufficient for your dabbing needs?


Would you like to be able to use your electric dab rig on the go, as a portable e-rig, or is simply having a device that you can easily take from one place enough for your traveling needs?

Accessory Options

Do you want a wide array of choices for dab tools (like dab nails or carb caps), or are you more focused on a simple, straight-forward dabbing experience?


Regardless of your electric dab rig choice, you are going to be making a significant investment. Are you willing to pay top dollar for long, sometimes lifetime warranties, or would you prefer a more budget-friendly choice with weaker guarantees?

Why Buy an Electric Dab Rig?

There are a bunch of reasons that any serious dabber should own an electric dab rig!

Ease of Use and Convenience

There is simply not an easier way to enjoy your wax concentrates in a dab rig. Since you don’t need to use an open flame or blowtorch, you don’t have to worry about creating a fire hazard, burning yourself, or trying to manage the heat on your dab nail.


Electric dab nails are far more portable than traditional dab rigs. If you take your dab rig from place to place, an electric dab rig is a must-have!

Precision Heating

Being able to set and maintain a specific temperature means you are getting the most out of your wax concentrate with every puff. For beginners, electric dab nails make for a great first experience. For veterans, precision heating allows flavor-chasers to laser in on their favorite subtle tasting notes.

Great Warranties

Many electric dab rigs are backed by powerful warranties. Even though you will spend more upfront when compared to a traditional dab rig, your lifetime costs will be far less!