Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks are typically used for vaping e-juice, but there are also vape tanks for vaping wax concentrates and dry herbs. Depending on which substance you use will depend on the vape tank you choose. Take a look at our vape tanks available. Free shipping is included for all US orders.

How to Choose a Vape Tank?

When you hear vape tank you may only think of e-juice vaporizer tanks, but it actually encompasses ALL kinds tanks. This includes tanks for dry herbs, concentrates, and more! To choose a vape tank, you need to ask yourself what you need a vape tank for? Are you looking to vape e-juice? Dry herbs? Concentrates? The possibility to do switch between the three? Deciding what you need first will help you make choices easier later!

Types of Vape Tanks

As we have said, there are all different kinds of vape tanks. Below, you will find some of the most common kinds of vape tanks you will come across. It is a great space to learn about the possible options on the market!

Herb Vape Tanks

Herb vape tanks are specifically designed for dry herb vaping. They will either be combustion tanks (where the dry herb burns and smoke is produced) or convection tanks (the dry herb is heated but never catches fire, producing vapor). Convection vaping provides clearer flavors and smoother tastes, whereas combustion vaping is stronger and is favored by those that want to feel the impacts of the dry herb stronger and more quickly.

Ceramic Vape Tanks

Ceramic vape tanks can be made for dry herb, e-juice, or concentrate vaping. They are beginning to grow in popularity because, though they heat at a slower rate than quartz tanks, experienced users swear by the clean, crisp taste that ceramic provides. If you are looking to catch the most subtle flavor notes of whatever you happen to be vaping, you may be interested in a ceramic tank!

Oil Vape Tank

Oil tanks are going to be made specifically for liquid or e-juice vaping. These tanks will be some of the more common tanks you will see and are generally refillable (as opposed to pods or pre-filled cartridges that are sealed shut). They use a heating element or coil inside the tank that heats vape oil into vapor. It is important to make sure that the power requirements of your oil tank match the features offered by whatever vape battery you happen to use. Just because the tank will fit (most are made with 510 threading) does NOT mean the tank and battery are compatible. (If you have questions about specific compatibility, reach out to us and we will help you out!)

Wax Atomizer Vape Tank

As you may have gathered, wax concentrate tanks are vape tanks specifically made for the use of wax concentrates. They feature a heating element or coil (usually ceramic, quartz, or titanium) that heats wax concentrate to vapor. Because of the high temperatures that wax concentrate vape tanks reach, you need to make sure that the vape battery you use with it provides enough power to afford a pleasurable vaping experience.

What are Vape Tanks?

Vape tanks are the part of a vaporizer that holds whatever you happen to be vaping (oils, dry herbs, or concentrates). The tanks connect to the vape battery, both of which are required to be able to vape at all. Vape tanks can have all different kinds of heating elements (quartz, ceramic, titanium, etc) and have varying different power or resistance requirements. If you end up getting a higher-end tank, you will want to be sure that the vape battery you have has compatible wattage and resistance features to actually use the tank. Because of compatibility issues, you will frequently see vape tanks in vape “kits,” already paired with a compatible vape battery.

Why Buy Vape Tanks?

Vape tanks offer a lot of advantages over pre-filled cartridges or pods. For starters, they are far more cost-effective for vaping oils or e-juice. Most tanks are refillable, and the cost per ounce in a jar of e-juice is much less than oils found in cartridges or pods. Vape tanks also allow you to vape other substances besides oils, like dry herbs and concentrates, and if you have a powerful enough battery, you could easily vape all three simply by screwing and unscrewing whatever vape tank you happen to be using. It also does not hurt to have spare tanks on hand, should one fail.