Titanium Nails are the most durable domeless nails you can buy. They retain heat for longer than quartz and ceramic. They also never break. Titanium nails are reliable and come in all sorts of designs and sizes. It's hard to say which titanium nail is the best, but buying interchangeable nails is your safest bet. 

How to Choose the Best Titanium Nails

It boils down to preference and size of your dab rig when deciding on which titanium nail to buy. Some designs have deeper bowls which allow you to dab more wax at a time. Dome designs only come in certain sizes. It's most important to make sure that your titanium nail will fit inside your downstem. As long as you have that covered, then you just have to choose which design looks the coolest and most useful to you. All of our titanium nails have good quality airflow and are very easy to use. 

What is a Titanium Nail?

A titanium nail is a domeless nail that's used for dabbing wax concentrates in a dab rig. Titanium nails have higher heat retention than ceramic and quartz nails. They are also more durable and easy to maintain. In order for a titanium nail to work in a dab rig, it must fit with the downstem size. 

Why Buy a Titanium Nail?

If you enjoying dabbing wax or are curious about it, then you're going to need to buy a titanium nail. People mostly choose to buy titanium nails over ceramic and quartz because they have higher heat retention and are indestructible. Our titanium nails work very well with any of our silicone dab rigs. So pick out your favorite silicone dab rig design and get a titanium nail to go with it. 


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