Glass Downstem

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How to Choose the Best Glass Downstem?

Whereas downstems all serve the same basic function, you will see a few varieties that will offer slightly different smoking experiences. Be sure to note some of the following characteristics in choosing a downstem to make sure you get the perfect one for your bong the first time!

Downstem Size

You do not want to buy a downstem that does not fit into your bong! Make sure that the downstem you are looking to get will fit into the size bong you currently have. This includes measuring the diameter of the hole where your downstem enters the bong, as well as the length of the downstem to make sure it is not too long to fit comfortably inside your bong. You will also want to make sure that the bong you have does not already have a downstem built into it.

Downstem Features

Some downstems only have the function of delivering the smoke of your hit to the bottom of your bong water. Others have special features built into them, like percolators, that help further diffuse the smoke in the water. The diffusers can be different shaped holes like honeycombs, or something more elaborate like a tree-percolator system, guiding the smoke through an extra series of tubes. This results in an even smoother flavor than what you would have otherwise had.

What is a Glass Downstem?

Glass downstems are an important feature to any kind of glass pipe that utilizes water as a filtering mechanism. Generally, the most common pipe that will utilize a downstem is a bong, as its large size and generally design allows for a specialty path to be made through the water in the bong. Without a downstem, you just end up blowing smoke over the water instead of inside of it. As you can imagine, this defeats the purpose of using a bong entirely.

Downstems can do a bit more than simply deliver smoke into the water, though. They can also have a variety of different percolators which help break up the smoke from your hit. This action, along with the general filtering action of the water, really helps in getting the cool, smooth hit that bongs are known for.

Types of Glass Downstems

There are a couple of different options to consider when shopping for a downstem. Consider the following types to help guide your purchasing choice of a great part for a bong, or perhaps the bong itself:

Fixed Downstems

A fixed downstem is one that has been built directly into the bong itself. They are easy to use because you do not have to do anything to install them into the bong! However, they do have their own drawbacks. The biggest one is if for some reason your fixed downstem breaks, they are nearly impossible to repair. You will likely end up just getting a new bong instead of replacing the downstem.

Removable Downstems

When you see individual downstems being advertised, they are always going to be removable downstems. Like the name implies, these downstems are built for bongs that do not already have a downstem built in. Though there are a couple of steps you have to take to install them into your bong (it is certainly not hard), removable downstems are an integral part to enjoying your smoke session. Feel free to experiment with downstems with different kinds of diffusers to see which one produces the taste you like the best!

Diffuser Type

Glass downstems can come in a variety of diffuser endings, each doing a solid job of helping diffuse the smoke. Here are a selection of patterns that you will likely encounter while shopping for glass downstems:

  • Honeycomb
  • Fire-cut
  • Standard Diffused
  • Tree-Percolator: The Tree percolator is a bit unique when compared to the other types. Whereas the above three make use of different kinds of wholes, a tree-percolator has an entirely different design. It guides the smoke down from the main glass chamber into several different smaller chambers (this is why it is called a tree). These smaller chambers then deliver the smoke to the water. This process is to help the smoke diffuse even further.

Why Buy a Glass Downstem?

Downstems come in a variety of different materials, so why should you buy one made from glass? There are several key reasons that make glass downstems an attractive choice:


Glass is going to almost always provide the most pure, untainted flavor of your dry herbs when compared to other materials, like metal or silicone. If you want to make sure you always have premium taste when using your bong, glass downstems are a great choice.


Glass downstems are easily accessible financially, especially when compared to titanium downstems. They make a great addition to your bong without breaking the bank.

Cleaning Ease

Glass downstems also have the advantage of being easy to clean. Much like a glass pipe, all you need to do is to soak the glass downstem in a cleaning solution of your choice. Unless the downstem is particularly dirty, soaking is all you will need to do to make sure the downstem stays clean.