Atmos Jewel Heating Chamber Replacement

Our Atmos Jewel heating chamber replacement is a special dual quartz coil for those who enjoy using their Atmos Jewel to vape wax or shatter.  This heating chamber is Atmos threaded and NOT 510 thread.  So please make sure you understand that this heating chamber will only fit an Atmos Jewel and nothing else.  

Listing Includes

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  • 1x Atmos Jewel Heating Chamber

Features and Specifications

  • Heating Chamber is Atmos Thread, NOT 510 THREAD 
  • Dual Quartz Coils - Atmos Jewels are originally built with pancake style coils, but these quartz coils will give your wax or shatter a more pure taste. 
  • Can only be used with Wax Concentrates

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use an Atmos Jewel heating chamber with dual quartz coils

  • All of the original Atmos Jewel heating chambers come with a pancake coil and you can either vape dry herbs or concentrates with that heating chamber.  Our new dual quartz coil is for the wax user that wants to have the purest taste of their shatter.  Using this heating chamber is the same as the original Atmos Jewel heating chamber.  First, screw it on your battery.  Press and hold the power button and make sure the quartz coils light up.  As long as it lights up, you may use your dab tool to scoop a piece of wax and gently place it on top of your quartz coils. After you loaded your heating chamber with was, you can screw the mouthpiece back on.  Finally, press and hold the power button and after two seconds you may begin vaping your concentrates.  

How to clean an Atmos Jewel heating chamber with dual quartz coils

  • Cleaning any type of wax atomizer is never easy.  For the Atmos Jewel heating chamber replacement, the best thing to do is keep heating up your quartz coils until you've burned off as much residual wax as possible.  Unfortunately, there really isn't another method to clean your wax atomizer.  

How often do I need to replace my Atmos Jewel heating chamber?

  • This is a very difficult question to answer because it really depends on the user. It depends on what type of wax you're using, how often you use your vape pen, and how you handle your heating chamber at the end of every vape session.  If you want your heating chamber to last as long as possible, we suggest from the start of using the heating chamber, that you burn off all the residual wax at the end of every vape session.  That will keep your quartz coils from developing too much build up.  The more wax or shatter you leave in your heating chamber the harder the residual material will get over time, making the taste not as pure and making the coil more difficult to heat up.  We have customers that will place an order for a new heating chamber every few months and have customers that will replace their heating chamber once a year.  IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU!


  • Having extra coils is always necessary. It's inevitable you'll need to buy a new one. If you own an Atmos Jewel you'll definitely want to invest in extra coil replacements. These coils are excellent quality, but all coils need to be replaced over time, because there can be too much build up after many uses. Also, after many uses, the coil may not heat as quickly. 


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