Cigarette One-Hitters

Cigarette one-hitters are pipes made for smoking one hit at a time. They designed to look exactly like a cigarette and are made of metal or ceramic. They are easy to use and are frequently sold with dugout pipe kits. Check out our selection below of cigarette one-hitters.

How to Choose a Cigarette One-Hitter?

Cigarette one-hitters are small, one-hitter pipes that generally accompany a dugout pipe kit. Choosing the best cigarette one-hitter is largely a matter of preference and will likely be determined more by what the smoking kit comes with (as opposed to the pipe itself). Think about what you want out of a cigarette one-hitter or dugout kit and then start shopping! It is the easiest way to reduce your choices.

Types of Cigarette One-Hitters

Here are some of the most popular cigarette one-hitters we have available. Take a look and see which one fits your lifestyle best!

Metal Cigarette One-Hitters

This is the most common kind of cigarette one-hitter you will come across. They are the size and color of a classic cigarette, making them ideal for discreet public smoking. They are easy to pack and easy to smoke, though they often leave a metallic aftertaste. These are also the most common style of cigarette one-hitters that will accompany dugout pipe kits.

Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters

This is another popular cigarette one-hitter you will find at some head shops or online head shops like Ceramic cigarette one-hitters look just like the metal ones, but they are made of pure ceramic. It provides better flavoring but is more fragile than metal one-hitter pipes. They also fit with most dugout pipe kits.

Glass Cigarette One-Hitters

Glass cigarette one-hitters are becoming increasingly popular because, unlike metal one-hitters, they lack a metallic aftertaste. Most dugout kits will not come with a glass one-hitter, though they are readily available for individual purchase. Glass one-hitters are often called glass bats or chillums.

What are Cigarette One-Hitter Pipes?

Cigarette one-hitter pipes are small bat pipes that are designed to look like classic tobacco cigarettes. They are most commonly made out of metal, making them quite durable. This is the style of one-hitter that most commonly comes with a dugout pipe kit, and the two make it easy to discreetly smoke in public. They are usually made out of metal, though glass or quartz is increasing in popularity.

Why Buy Cigarette One-Hitter Pipes?

These are the king of smoking discreetly. They look like cigarettes, and because of their small bowl, they produce a similar amount of smoke to cigarettes, too. They easily fit into dugout pipe kits, which are stylish ways to carry your pipe and dry herb while you are on the go. If you are looking for convenient, easy, and discreet smoking while traveling, cigarette one-hitter pipes are a fantastic choice!