How to Choose an Oil Vaporizer

Amongst portable vaporizer pens, oil vape pens are the simplest vapes on the market.  When it comes to vaping oil, all you need from us is the vape battery.  We currently have three oil vape batteries to choose from: The SteamCloud Mini, 510 thread Stylus battery, and 510 thread pocket vape battery.  The SteamCloud Mini is clearly the best oil vape pen available at Vape Vet Store.  You can attach a magnetic adapter to your cartridge so that your cartridge magnetically connects with the battery.  It’s super small and discreet.  Our customers have been raving about this oil vaporizer since it's been launched in the market.  If you want to learn and understand more about each oil vape pen, please visit our vaporizer learning center or click on any of these oil vape pen products below to read more information about them. 

What are Oil Vaporizer Pens? 

Oil vaporizer pens have been becoming super popular.  Most people looking for an oil vape pen are new users and aren't sure which oil vaporizers to purchase.  We'll make it really easy by describing our three oil vape pens available at The Vape Vet Store below.

The SteamCloud Mini is by far the best oil vape pen kit we have for sale.  It's the best oil vape pen because it's super small and has a magnetic function, which makes the vape mod look so much more discreet than others.  All you have to do is screw the magnetic adapter to your oil cartridge and then drop it into the SteamCloud mini oil vape mod battery.  

The oil vape pen stylus battery is another very popular oil vape pen design. Customers love this vape battery mainly because they can easily screw their oil cartridge onto the battery and begin vaping.  There is no need to press the button or anything like that. just take your oil vape pen hits as you please.  You can use the stylus tip at the bottom if you want to vape oil and use your smartphone at the same time.    

The 510 thread vape battery is very similar to our pocket vape pen battery but the only difference is that this battery has a 510 threaded connection port at the top.  What's great about this battery compared to the SteamCloud Mini and the stylus battery is that you can use the 510 thread vape battery as a vape pen for dry herbs, wax, and oil. Besides using an oil cartridge, you can also use a micro g pen dry herb atomizer or micro g wax coil.  Just make sure you have a mouthpiece to put on top of it