Rolling Papers

From RAW, to hemp, to gold, we have the best selection of rolling papers! We have multiple sizes, brands, and shapes (like user-friendly cones) that are sure to fit right into what you need. The best part? They all come with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimums required!

How to Choose Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers come in a variety of different designs and sizes, so the best way to choose a rolling paper is to decide what you actually need that rolling paper to do. Would you prefer your rolling paper to be made of all-natural ingredients? Do you want to be able to large extra large blunts? Maybe you just want them easy to use? Decide what you want first and then find a rolling paper that best fits your ideal rolling experience!

Types of Rolling Papers

The market is full of different kinds of rolling papers among all different kinds of brands. We have gathered some of the most unique options for closer consideration. See if any of these rolling papers fit what you want!

RAW Rolling Papers

RAW is a very well-established brand that has cemented a reputation of consistently producing high-quality, environmentally friendly rolling papers. Its products boast plant-only ingredients (no chalk or dye), and the brand is dedicated to making sure their production process does not negatively impact the environment. They are a great choice for beginners and veterans alike! Raw also produces awesome rolling trays to roll your perfect joints on.

Gold Rolling Papers

Perfect for those that want to not only roll their own joints or blunts but also want to look fancy doing it! Gold rolling papers are either normal papers made to look gold or are actually made of gold (like edible gold in fancy desserts). If you need to roll a bit of extra style into your smoking, these are the answer!

Hemp Rolling Papers

As hemp continues to become a popular paper substitute, it should be no surprise to see the rise of hemp rolling papers! A great alternative for those wanting to avoid products made from trees or simply customers who prefer the taste of hemp in their smoking habits. Hemp rolling papers are commonplace now (and often very inexpensive!)

Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers are made from plant cellulose, allowing them to be clear and clean tasting. For practical purposes, they help avoid uneven burning in your rolled product, but they also tend to have less noticeable flavor than other thicker papers.

Flavored Rolling Papers

If you want to add something a bit sweet to your blunts, consider flavored rolling papers! These are a great option if you are a new smoker and do not like the taste of your dry herb, or if you happen to have low-quality herb that is giving off an unusually poor taste. Even for veteran smokers, sometimes it is just fun to add something a bit different to your smoking habits!

Cone Rolling Papers

Cone rolling papers are perfect for beginners who may just want to try smoking out. Cone papers do not require rolling, it is better to think of them as paper pipes. All you do is stuff the cone with your preferred tobacco or dry herb and smoke! They do hold quite a bit, so they are great options for smoking between friends.

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are products you can use to make your own cigarettes, joints, or blunts. They are ideal if you do not like using pipes or simply prefer to have complete control over what you smoke. Rolling papers are available in several different sizes, materials (like hemp or gold), and shapes, making them easily approachable for all different kinds of smoking needs.

Why Buy Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are a great smoking alternative to either buying prerolled product (like cigarettes) or to avoid using glass pipes. Unlike a glass pipe, there is no cleanup once you have smoked the papers, only ash! And unlike prerolled products, you can choose if you want to be environmentally friendly, add extra flavor, add as little flavor as possible, or even add an extra bit of style!