Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts

Do you like using glass pipes but are prone to breaking them? Perhaps you are simply intimidated by glass in general. Regardless of where you may fall, silicone pipes with glass parts are great! You will find a large assortment here as well as always free U.S. shipping with no minimum required!

How To Choose the Best Silicone Pipe with Glass Parts?

Silicone pipes with glass parts offer a hybrid experience that helps to bring the best of both worlds in regards to smoking. You get the clean-tasting experience of glass, but the durability and overall security of silicone. However, even if you are already sold on the idea of a silicone pipe with glass parts, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase:

Style of Silicone Pipe

Just like normal glass pipes, silicone glass pipes can be found in several different styles. Common ones include sherlock pipes, bubblers, and standard pipes. Knowing what you want out of a pipe will help you narrow down the kind of silicone pipe you end up getting. Or, if there is not a style you like that is available, you may want to look at a different kind of material that may have a style you prefer.

Design of Silicone Pipe

Pipes with silicone components are known for their bright colors and fun designs. Silicone is much easier to work than glass, so it is not unusual to find all kinds of cool designs, like fruit or animals! Deciding whether or not you want something fun and funky can help you pick out your ideal silicone pipe with glass parts.

What are Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts?

Silicone pipes with glass parts are smoking pipes for dry herbs that are made with two materials; glass and silicone. The glass parts are usually anything that is going to come into contact with the dry herb or the vapor, like the bowl or the vapor path. The silicone parts comprise the outside of the pipes. Think of it as a covering over the glass parts holding everything together.

Silicone pipes with glass parts are not limited to a specific design or style. They can be found as Sherlocks, chillums, and classic pipes. Take your time shopping to find your ideal pipe!

Types of Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts

As we have stated, you can find several different styles and designs of pipes that are silicone with glass parts. Though not an all-inclusive list, the information below will give you a solid idea of what you are most likely to run into.

Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Sherlocks get their name because they look like the pipe Sherlock Holmes classically used. Silicone Sherlock Pipes sport large bowls that can easily hold large amounts of dry herb, can sport twisted stems and long vapor paths. However, with silicone pipes with glass parts, you will usually find less elaborate design to the pipe, sticking to a deep bowl and a straight stem.

Silicone Bubbler Pipes

Bubblers are another style of pipe that will frequently be made with silicone and glass parts. Bubblers are a water pipe that are able to use water to filter dry herb being smoked. However, they can be intimidating to new users because they are frequently one, solid piece of glass, making them a challenge to clean. Silicone bubblers with glass parts frequently avoid this problem, being made of at least two pieces and are able to be disassembled for easier cleaning.

Silicone Dab Rigs

Though not quite a pipe, dab rigs are very regularly comprised of hybrid parts. The dab nail, the piece of a dab rig you apply the wax or other concentrates you are smoking, will usually be glass, ceramic, or some kind of metal, but the body of the dab rig can be made of silicone. The advantage of this is that is greatly reduces the price of what a dab rig can potentially cost while still providing a great smoking experience.

Why Buy a Silicone Pipe with Glass Parts

Silicone pipes with glass parts offer some significant advantages over all glass pipes that are definitely worth considering.

Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts are Durable

Silicone is an inherently durable material. It is not brittle and is difficult to damage. When used in conjunction with glass parts, they protect the fragile glass parts, making the smoking pipe as a whole very sturdy.

Flavoring of Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts

Though much of the body is silicone, what ends up actually coming in contact with the dry herb and vapor is still glass. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of smoking through a classic glass pipe, namely getting the pure, clean taste that glass provides.

Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts are Easy to Clean

Since silicone pipes with glass parts can come apart, they are some of the easiest pipes to clean on the market. If you want it to be easy to give your pipe a thorough clean, a silicone pipe with glass parts is a great choice for you.

Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts are Easy to Travel With

Silicone pipes can be as small and discreet as you want them to be, making them great travel buddies. They pack easily, and being so durable, do not really require any special packing considerations. All you need is a flame and dry herbs!

Silicone Pipes with Glass Parts are Inexpensive

Silicone is a very inexpensive material, which makes silicone pipes with glass parts really inexpensive compared to other styles of pipes. It is a great way to be able to get a great or unique looking pipe without breaking the bank.