Dab Pens

Dab pens are a wonderful way to be able to enjoy your favorite concentrates on the go without having to hassle with a full dab rig setup. Discreet and easily transportable, dab pens have quickly picked up steam as one of the favorite choices of dabbers. Below, you will find dab pens with as simple or complex features as you like from the brands you know and trust!

What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are one of the hottest items on the market right now. Generally, they are vaporizers that provide one hell of a hit in a small package that is designed to be discrete and easy to use by anyone – beginner to expert vaper. Specifically, each of the individual types and their own special features or high points is enough to make even the most experienced smoker/vaper’s head spin. First things first, remember that these bad boys require battery power and a charger as opposed to a lighter. Second, remember that they are particularly powerful given their smooth taste and ease of hitting. One minute someone is stone cold serious and the next they’re giggling like a school girl on Valentines Day. These things are amazing and certainly deserve a look – particularly if someone is dead-set on remaining a smoker, dabber, etc.

Types of Dab Pens

There are tons of dab pens that are available on the market today. Without getting too deep into the different brands, their strengths, their weaknesses, etc. (all available throughout the website) there is an important thing to remember – they all require charging, cleaning, and being careful with hitting them too hard to avoid burning them out. After that, remember that different pens can come with a variety of different features – some have more advanced temperature control or wattage control options, hidden wax compartments for wax and dab tools, special interfaces that show temperature, battery output, etc.

Moreover, there are differences with the actual heating mechanism as well. For example, the rods can be made with ceramic or with quartz and this will affect the ability for the dab pen to heat up as well as retain heat. Generally, quartz is going to heat and cool faster than the ceramic rods will. This means that to avoid burning out the dab pen the quartz needs to be turned on and off more quickly and will need more warming up between hits. With the ceramic, there is going to be a slower heat up time but the ceramic itself will remain at the optimal temperature longer. If possible, avoid wick dab pens. While these are not entirely terrible they often only work best with more liquid types of wax and can be a huge mess. Not to mention if the wick is burned than the entire flavor profile is permanently thrown off until the wick is replaced.

How to Choose a Dab Pen?

Like with anything else on here, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences. As mentioned before, there are just too many types of dab pens to narrow down in a short article. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good starting points. For example, determine the best price point and start from there. While price shouldn’t stop someone from buying their dream dab pen it certainly helps to put in perspective the relative costs and quality difference. Next, make sure to think about what features might be more necessary than others. For a beginner, the amount of custom options might be overwhelming whereas for an experienced vaper it could be just what they need. Moreover, some folks prefer smaller, simpler dab pens for discretion while others want a mondo dab pen to give them killer vapor clouds. All that will change from person to person and helps shape the best dab pen options to choose from.

Why Buy a Dab Pen?

Honestly, buying a dab pen just means that someone wants to move into the 21st century and join one of the largest advances in the industry. Particularly, if someone likes wax then they are wasting their time using a dab rig. While there is nothing wrong with ripping a massive hit from a glass dab rig, the lack of hassle and cleanliness (much less safety) of using a dab pen is by and large superior to a dab rig. Best bet is to keep the rig around for old time’s sake but use the dab pen for smaller groups and mobile vaping. All in all, it’s a matter of preference, but unless someone’s soul is attached to a dab rig a dab pen is only the logical next step towards easier, more enjoyable dabbing experiences.