Wooden Spoon Pipes

Many love the look and feel of wood in a pipe. If this describes you, you will be happy to know that you can find wooden spoon pipes to smoke your favorite dry herb! There are a few to choose from, and any you buy here will come with free U.S. shipping with no minimum purchase required!

How to Choose a Wooden Spoon Pipe

Getting a wooden spoon pipe is a great way for a nice change of pace for the design of your pipe.  However, you want to be sure that you get the best pipe for the experience you want, even if the wood design is alluring. Consider the following points when choosing a wooden spoon pipe.

Spoon Pipe Materials

You may be surprised to hear that wooden spoon pipes are not necessarily all wooden. You can find them with glass parts as well! A completely wooden pipe is going to be great for tobacco smoking. Smoking tobacco in wood creates a seasoning over time, helping to enhance the flavor. Wooden spoon pipes with glass are ideal for dry herbs and other options that leave a heavy resin after they are smoked.

Size of the Spoon Pipe

Wooden spoon pipes are going to be available in all different kinds of sizes. Are you looking for something that is a bit easier to travel with and more discreet, or would you prefer something that is easy to handle and can hold a lot of dry herb? The size plays a big factor in determining what kind of wooden spoon pipe you want!

Design of the Spoon Pipe

Wooden spoon pipes can have all different kinds of designs, and some may even be one of a kind designs or custom-made. If there is a specific look or feel that you are wanting to get out of your pipe, you should take a moment to consider what style you are wanting out of it before you make the purchasing plunge.

What are Wooden Spoon Pipes?

It should come as no surprise, but wooden spoons pipes are spoon pipes that are made out of wood. Spoon pipes, regardless of the material they are made of, are generally considered to be your classic looking pipe. They have a moderate sized bowl and a straight connected stem for the vapor path.

Usually when buying a spoon pipe, especially for dry herb, the most common material for spoon pipes is glass. This is largely due to how most dry herbs interact with non-porous surfaces. So, wooden spoon pipes have traditionally been the realm of tobacco smokers.

However, it is becoming more and more common to see wooden spoon pipes with glass parts that are ideal for dry herb smoking. The glass interacts well with the dry herb and its vapor, while the wood acts as a stylish handle and mouthpiece. Wood is a great material to get some really wonderful custom art designs and allows for spoon pipes to be made into all different kinds of amazing designs.

A drawback to wooden spoon pipes, however, is that they will not be as easy to clean as glass. Generally, they will not need much cleaning, but you cannot simply soak them in cleaning solution like you can with glass or silicone pipes. With proper care, wooden spoon pipes can last a lifetime and beyond! Be sure to take good care of it if you decide this is the kind of pipe you want!

Types of Wooden Spoon Pipes

Even with the designation of being a spoon pipe, there are a few varieties that you can find.


What we mean here is a wooden spoon pipe that is, in fact, completely wood. No glass parts or other materials. Generally, a pipe that is completely wood will be ideal for tobacco smoking. Tobacco, when smoked in a wooden pipe, will give the bowl a kind of seasoning over time, changing and enriching the taste of the tobacco being smoked.

Wooden with Glass Parts

This kind of wooden pipe usually has a glass bowl and a glass stem that is set into a wooden body (very similar to how a silicone pipe with glass parts may be). This allows dry herbs to be smoked in the pipe, as the surface is ideal for maintaining the pure flavor of whatever dry herb you happen to be smoking.

Specialty Pipes

These are smoking pipes that may be eccentric designs while still holding to a general spoon design. These will often be limited run pipes, custom made pipes or one of a kind pipes that are being offered.

Why Buy a Wooden Spoon Pipe?

Wood as a material offers a lot of great perks to being used, be it for tobacco or dry herb smoking. Consider the following when trying to decide if a wooden spoon pipe is right for you.


Wood is incredibly durable. Unless you really give it a good toss, you are not going to have to worry about accidentally chipping or cracking a wooden pipe. Over time, the wood can become more fragile, but if it is properly taken care of it will not be an issue for some time. Wooden pipes are a great option for those that want something more durable than glass but does not like the look or feel of silicone.

Smoking Taste

A wooden pipe with glass parts offers the same taste benefits as a standard glass pipe would. You will get a consistently clean flavor from glass (as long as you keep it clean), and the wood adds durability and a nice style!