Pipe Screens

Pipe screens are a must-have for any kind of pipe you use. Small particles can get mixed in with the smoke that you inhale, making for harsh, painful draws that cause coughing fits. Pipe screens to a great job of filtering out any large particles that may be cruising to hurt your lungs. Our pipes screens fit any style pipe sold in our store!

What is a Pipe Screen?

A pipe screen is something that prevents ash and resin from pulling through the pipe and hitting someone in the back of the throat. They are commonly made out of metal although they can also come in a glass form. Sometimes they are colored or come in a particular shape. Despite being super simple, they are especially useful and even a game changer. It can be hard to control whether or not a big pile of ash gets pulled through the bowl and a pipe screen is designed to make sure that never happens. Interchangeable, pipe screens don’t add to the maintenance needs of a pipe but make the hit so much smoother.

Types of Pipe Screens

There are all kinds of pipe screens available online or in stores. Pipe screens, while simple, have some simple differences to choose from: the specific size relative to the bowl and the type of material that the screen is made out of.

As far as materials are concerned, generally the most common type of screen is going to be made out of metal. This is usually some form of stainless steel that is going to be hazard-free and provide a reliable surface to place herb and burn it on. The best part about these screens is that they are super simple to clean! Simply remove the screen and throw it in the trash whenever it’s cashed. The other type of material that is relatively popular is going to be the glass screen. Glass screens are slightly more durable and will last longer (and are easier to clean). While they can be disposable the idea is to reduce waste. Glass screens work best with other glass products and do an excellent job preventing heat from passing through to the pipe or bowl while heating up the herb evenly. Generally, the choice between the two comes down to preferences on cleaning and reusability.

Size is important despite what anyone else says. Without the right size screen there is going to be a lot of disappointment involved. Essentially, just make sure that the circumference of the screen (or its diameter) is going to fit properly and snugly enough into the bowl of a pipe to avoid stray ash from pulling through or allowing herb to spill. Generally, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem but keep in mind the general dimensions of the piece in question when deciding what size screens to purchase.

How To Choose a Pipe Screen?

Honestly, this comes down to personal preference and then size. Someone may prefer glass or metal over the other and that is perfectly fine. Whichever works better for the individual is going to be the right choice to go with. There are going to be slight variations in experience and quality with brands, but on the whole, the point of a screen is hard to really mess up. After that, picking the right screen is really objective – does it fit the bowl or not? If it doesn’t, keep looking. Otherwise, that is probably going to be the right screen for the job and should work seamlessly (assuming no user error).

Why Buy a Pipe Screen?

The choice to buy a pipe screen is honestly much easier than many other choices – does the thought of ash or resin slipping into the bowl (and your mouth) bother you? If it does, then it’s probably a good idea to look into a pipe screen. Even the most experienced smoker will catch a few Scooby Snacks. Otherwise, feel free to fly by the seat of your pants and take a trip on the wild side (and maybe get a few surprises along the way). Overall, pipe screens are not super expensive and pretty low maintenance so the overhead and maintenance are both extremely low. If anything, let a pipe screen be the first low cost accessory to the collection.