Cool Pipes

There are so many cool pipes available in our online store. We have cool pipes made of glass, metal, and even seashells. We carefully ship all our pipes in discreet packaging too. If you want to add another cool pipe to your collection, have a look at any of these choices below.

How to Choose a Cool Pipe?

The kind of pipes you find in this category are going to be “cool” for a variety of reasons. Unique designs, styles, and sizes that set them off from more traditional pipes are what lands a pipe here! To choose, decide what your pipe needs to have (bowl size, features, specific materials, etc) and then see what cool pipes fit your needs!

Types of Cool Pipes

Our cool pipes are separated by how they are cool, more than the kind of pipe they are. Take a look at some of our categories to see what makes these pipes special!

Animal Pipes

We have all kinds of fun animal-themed pipes that offer a fantastic smoking experience. We have silicone bubblers that look like swans, chillums that have an octopus style, and even sea-animal themed dab rigs! See which animal pipe should find its way home to you!

Color Changing Pipes

Our color changing pipes are glass pipes that, over time with use, will change color! It is so cool to see them gradually change into a completely different style from when you bought them! They are available in most major styles of smoking pipes, including chillums, spoons, and sherlock pipes.

Dugout Pipes

Dugout pipes are like pipe kits. They come with a metal cigarette one-hitter pipe and a wooden casing that holds both the pipe and your dry herb discreetly. They make for easy smoking in public, especially since the pipe looks like a cigarette! The wooden dugout case is available in all different kinds of woods and styles, so browse around and see which one catches your eye!

Silicone Pipes

Silicone pipes almost always come in bright, psychedelic colors, making them some of the coolest looking pipes you can find. However, they are more than just a cool style. Silicone is essentially break-proof, and the pipes are usually more than one piece which makes for easy cleaning. Silicone pipes are available in all major styles of pipes in all kinds of really cool looking designs.

Skull Pipes

Want to add a bit of spookiness to your smoking style? Try a skull pipe! Be it a bong or handheld spoon pipe, skull pipes offer some great eye-catching designs that easily set themselves apart from other designs. If you like the skull style, then you should definitely get a skull pipe!

Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes offer some of the best looking pipes on the market. Who does not love a beautiful piece of wooden art that also treats your dry herb well? Wooden pipes are as common as other materials, but the selection available has a truly unique design. Wooden pipes require special care (so the wood is not damaged), but can last for years to come with proper maintenance.

What are Cool Pipes?

Cool pipes are pipes that deviate from class or standard pipe designs or colors. Cool pipes could be pipes following a design theme (like animals), or simply be made out of an uncommon material (like wooden pipes). Cool pipes are available in essentially all major pipes designs, including spoon, chillum, sherlock, and Gandalf designs. It also is not uncommon to find cool bongs and dab rigs, too!

Why Buy Cool Pipes?

Do you really need a reason to buy a cool pipe? You buy a cool pipe because you are looking for something cool! You could just be looking for a pipe to add to your collection, or you could want a pipe you plan to use frequently but also want it to follow a certain aesthetic. Cool pipes are great conversation pieces, and they are often one-of-a-kind designs!